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  1. I have Go Pro 6 and Backscatter 3.1 flip red filters, mostly I use Shallow and Dive. Until now I didn't add lights but I have one and will try to add it next time. I installed the trial version of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 21, and I would like to focus on this software I have to learn how to do editing. More or less, the idea is I should use the "enhance" function. Then use the selective saturation cyan, and also brightness, contrast, clarity, white balance etc. until I get a good result Any suggestions, links or previous discussions? Thanks
  2. Hello everybody from Milan, Italy this is my first post I have Go Pro 6, Andoer light, Backscatter 3.1 flip red filters, I installed Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21 trial version and I am considering to purchase it
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