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  1. All - Some great data in reposnse to my initial question. Many thanks to all. Other opinions and suggestions certainly welcome. robb
  2. All - Have purchased a Canon 40D to replaced my drowned CZ5060. Have been using with a Canon 17-85 lens topside with good results as we all wait for the housings to be released. Personally I have my eye on the Aquatica... but we'll see. Now looking for advice on two specific lens categories (trying to spread out the cash bleed....) wide angle and macro. Advice and counsel much appreciated!! thanks, r
  3. All - am considering the Canon 40D as a replacement/upgrade for my now-flooded Oly 5060. Since most of the housing manufaturers won't have an offering for a little bit... I realize I'm taking a bit of a risk... but I am hoping that Aquatica will step up pretty quickly.. In any case, I'm thinking about buying the camera now, as I have a dry-land misson that needs doing. I'm requesting some advice about lenses. My needs are typically: a general purpose wide-angle for sharks and other larger critters, a macro for the nudi's, and perhaps a general purpose for non-specific shooting above and below the surface. I guess I'd want to buy the general purpose lens now... and leave the others till housing and port availability clarified. Low light and autofocus always a consideration. Suggestions very gratefully requested. cheers, robb witt
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