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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I am happy with Aquatica housing I have at present (N90). The viewer finder can sometimes make it hard to see the complete frame, but given that it has been redesigned this problem may have been addressed. For the price difference there is really no option other than the Aquatica. Thanks again
  2. I have decided to make the jump to digital by getting my mitts on a 5D. As I require a housing that will take the knocks of tech diving and given that I already own Aquatica ports, there are only two possible manufacturers; Aquatica and Huygfot. Both these housing seem of comparable quality yet the Hugyfot is considerably more expensive, 2500 Euro versus 1500 euro for the Aquatica (Bh photo). From my research the only difference appears to be the viewfinder optics. As I have only used an Aquatica I can t make a judgement. Could anyone comment on the pratical benefits on the superior optics? Are there any other significant benefits with the Hugyfoto to warrant the increase in cost? Thannks for your thoughts. Erol
  3. Just a quick one. Can I fire an old sub strobe 200 attached to an old (orange) slave sensor with a new series digital compatable strobe? Erol
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    Thanks for the info guys that gives me something to think about.
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    Can anyone give me pointer in regards to strobes. I am looking for unit to connect to my canon 30d prefferably using ETTL. I need some recommendation for a two strobe system that will provide a do everything package ie wide angle and macro, with as few as compromises as possible. I am assuming that the older generation strobe won t work...I could however use them as slaves. Also is there any resource that reveiews strobes assessing their angle, power. etc. Is there any strobe that could be considered an industry benchmark Thanks for you time. Erol
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