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  1. I just purchased my 5d mark iv, so I am now interested in selling the housing package separate from the camera. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  2. I prefer Nimar over Aquatech and have great results. Nimar is built really well and strong, which I need in surf on Hawaii. I am selling my Nimar with my 5d mark iii and buying the new Nimar for my mark iv.
  3. A great chance to own a great setup. Capture high quality underwater photos and videos with full controls and the security of a bullet proof housing, handmade in Italy that can reach the depths of 197 feet. I have owned the camera for 2.5 years and I have owned the Nimar setup for about a year. Probably used this underwater about 20 times and always fully cleaned and serviced everything. I also have multiple backup seals and the manuals is included. Below you will find all my package discount prices for this setup. I am not interested in selling separately at this time. Email me at kit@holoholocharterss.com, if you have any questions or request. Canon 5d Mark iii $1100 Nimar pro underwater 197' depth - $900 Nimar pro fisheye dome port $250 Nimar pro 24-70 f2.8 and 50mm lens port with zoom $300 (lens not included) Canon 15mm lens for over/under shots $200 Total package deal $2750
  4. I rock what the Hawaiian lifeguards us, DA FIN, they are a bit smaller but make things easy to get around the reefs where I shoot.
  5. I had a blast with them last year, have fun. The best footage seems to be from the bottom looking up.
  6. Jumping off the boat from Kauai to Niihau "Hawaiian Forbidden Island" at Lehua Crater, a rare monk seal came directly up to me and starting hanging out. It got pretty interesting at times being the only one out in the middle of the Pacific on the last inhabitied island in Hawaii, while my coworkers hung out around the corner fixing the anchor points. There are only around 1200 of them known to exist around this area and pretty special to visit under the sea off Niihau wear visibility is around 120'. Photographed with my Canon 5d Mark iii / Nimar Underwater Housing - currently going up for sale in classifieds soon
  7. Making my first post so that I can sell my canon 5d mark iii with my Nimar pro underwater setup that goes down to 197'
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