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  1. Bravo... Out of curiosity I've done some Google image searches and have been amazed where my images showed up. Without credit, or with someone else claiming it. Shameless, some of these people... Thanks for keeping on top of it!
  2. Not to sound argumentative kriptap, but I really don't think it's an old vs. new school thing. Even those of us who started in the film days used cropping all the time, whether it was thru dupes or scans. Lots of things were revolutionized with the digital darkroom, but cropping wasn't one of them. I have yet to meet any photographer who "looks down" on cropping.
  3. Most of my views have already been stated by others, but I'll just add something to the mix... The most important part of photography is the moment you chose to capture, with that light, from that perspective. Cropping is not a devastating change from that, nor are reasonable shifts in color, contrast etc. Removing entire elements or re-arranging them--now you're doing something pretty far from the original reality. That's fine as a piece of digital art, but not really the same as photography. I know everybody draws the line in a different place, but I don't buy that it's just a free-for-all with no rules. As has been pointed out, it's not just about what size works for web posting. You couldn't shoot crappy compositions and do 90% crops in the film days either, even using MF. There are plenty of other technical reasons for getting it right in the capture; let the manipulation debate begin after that phase...
  4. I think there's general agreement that hardware solutions do exist for the dome problem, but that economics are the obstacle. No company is going invest huge R&D in an expensive solution so few u/w photographers would spring for; just look what happened with the Nikonos RS... I've already decided that if I win the lottery, I'll hire a bunch of hotshot optical engineers and have them design my ultimate vanity system exactly the way I want it. Then I'll start a foundation to give away the technology to those who deserve it... ;>) My guess is the Nik 15mm would hold up pretty well on a FF sensor, if there was way to jury-rig one, but maybe there are other issues.
  5. >>Nikonos rectilinear water contact primes had better corner sharpness than dome ports<< The Nikonos lenses were categorically sharper at the edges, for good reason. As others pointed out, the water contact optics were designed from the start to be a simple w/a lens with a perfectly matched dome. The reason no SLR/DLSR housing will ever match the Nikonos has to do with the virtual image created by the dome. The VA is effectively a curved image, and any land lens if optimized to focus on one which is flat. Larger, perfectly matched domes will minimize the problem, but it never goes away completely. The Nikonos dome, OTOH, never gets used in air so the internal optics can be matched to the curved image. Everyone lived with the soft corners for lots of reasons, like lens choices, reflex viewing, etc. I was never that bothered by the soft corners, except in some rare cases; a little cropping can take care of it too. As for the general argument about sharpness being just "another tool", I would have to disagree, I think it's pretty damn important. Even good shots with motion blur have a kind of sharpness to them. FWIW, the stock agency I work with says specifically that they're not interested in images that aren't sharp. I suspect that some of Amos Nachoum's images seemed soft since they're of large animals in extreme environments, where you may accept some technical shortcomings. That said, I've seen of a lot of his work which is awesome in every respect... Cheers...
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