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  1. I use the FL-70 mini-flash with my GH5, as Chris says, at 1/64 power it doesn't chew the battery too much and has decent cycle time. I like the flexibility of being able to use it for TTL if I want to (eg like when my strobes refused to fire correctly on manual on the last trip...), so I usually use it, although I also have the (pricey) Nauticam LED trigger which I bought before I discovered the mini-flash. The mini-flash is also surprisingly useful for topside too, so for a few $ its worth having one in your bag. 1/250 is the fastest synch shutter speed, no matter what trigger you use (I think). I've had both the 60mm Olympus and the 45mm Panasonic macro lenses. Similar results, but I find the 60mm a little easier to use as you have a greater working distance.
  2. Reefphoto to the rescue. New ACC buttons (and focus light buttons, just in case) on their way. and yes, they are now described as Z-240/Z-330 parts Thanks guys
  3. Thanks Chris, you're right, they look the same... I'll have another chat with Pete...
  4. Hang on, just realised that those strobes all use the same focus/modelling light button, so maybe that’s it! A couple of those would probably work for me. I’ll get in touch with them. Thanks Diggy.
  5. Thanks Chris, yes I’m in Cairns actually. Scupapix said they are no longer available from Inon, so it looks like it will need to be old stock somewhere.
  6. Might be, but it includes other strobes in the list that don’t use the same button… I’ll contact them though. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know where I can buy replacement magnet buttons for the Z-240? The Advanced Cancel Circuit ones that allow manual shooting. I need two new ones; the ebay links/sellers that I've tried from other threads are no longer listed. Photo attached shows 3 buttons, the left one is one of the focus-light buttons, same strobe as the middle button, I'm surprised that its in almost perfect condition compared to the others. They are a different design but I've managed to move them to the ACC switch and they seem to be working there, but now I have no focus lights... any leads welcome, thanks, Dave
  8. Yes thats the one. For the painting, I just used a very small artists brush and a steady hand, I managed to do it without getting any on the lens. I gave 2 coats on the white lettering. It is a Matt Black paint, very non-reflective. It isn't perfect, but does reduce reflection.
  9. Hi, That's interesting, I don't have any trouble getting the camera/lens in and out of the housing with the dome attached? Which zoom gear? I use a 3D printed one, not Nauticam. Yes, internal refections can be a problem. I minimise it by painting parts of the lens with a matt-black artists paint (see my post above)
  10. Screw head is painted matt black, although it needs a repaint after being taken off the dome and rolling around in my luggage after the last trip... Haven't noticed any reflection. I do remove the weight regularly as it traps salt water and is a hotspot for corrosion. I used an enamel spray paint on the screw, but I use this artists acrylic "carbon black" paint on the white writing on the lens itself to prevent reflections inside the dome, works well:
  11. Yes the dome is a bit vulnerable and I've had to use my micro mesh kit during surface intervals... Here's my weight system. My usual WA setup is pretty much neutral with this weight attached and although slightly "dome-up" is easy to hold horizontal with little effort.
  12. Me too, very happy with it, nice for portraits, sharks, and when you wish you had your macro lens on... How do you find the buoyancy of the dome? More of an issue with video. I've drilled a bolt hole in the "petal" and securely fix a small lead weight, which helps the tendency to lift at the front in landscape mode. Lead weight is approx 250g, slightly more would be better.
  13. Thanks! In the mangroves, Raja Ampat. (and coming from saltwater crocodile inhabited northern Australia as I do, hanging around under the shady mangroves is not something that I enjoy or did much of!) Here's another one, same fish, sub-adult longfin batfish. https://immersed.net.au/ON-LOCATION/Raja-Ampat/4/caption
  14. Yes I'm really happy with the lens, also topside. It can be a bit soft in the corners inside the dome, at 8mm, but I can work with it and it is much better than when I was using a 7-14 Panasonic lens inside a 6" dome.
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