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  1. Yes perhaps it will, but I'll do some testing and report back in a few weeks.
  2. Yes, I'll be using the 8-18 for mostly stills, and perhaps for blue-water video (ie not too close up to reef so the edge effect is less evident, eg mantas etc). I currently use my 12-35 for general uw video, so I'm wondering how that will fare inside the 7" Nauticam dome (which I have settled on by the way, due to availability, timing, cost and portability ;-). It would save me carrying both domes around (although its always good to have backup...) I already blacked out the white lettering on the 8-18 before I left Australia in anticipation ;-)
  3. Its only a problem because of the lens hood, not the lens itself. If the hood is not fitted then the lens fits easily through the housing and the camera can be removed as normal. Whether the hood is required/beneficial depends on the conditions/subject of course. I haven't found the hood to be critical for topside work (I often flip it around so that I can rotate a polarising filter) but of course for underwater wide angle we are generally looking up and often trying to capture sunlight etc...
  4. Thanks both. Yes, I've previously appreciated some of the virtues of acrylic (eg sitting on the rear boat deck, sipping a beer and polishing out scratches with micro-mesh ;-) The GH5+housing is really quite heavy and negative with the 6" dome, so may be too cumbersome with a glass dome. I doubt if it will go positive even with the 7" acrylic. I generally carry strobes/lights anyway so need extra buoyancy even with the dome, although the fore/aft trim may need adjusting for comfort... I'm actually in London at the moment, heading to Egypt next week and have just found a 7" Nauticam acrylic (plus zoom gear) locally, so I might just have to try it myself ;-) cheers,
  5. Looking for comments/advice re. the Panasonic 8-18 on a GH5 (Nauticam) I’ve been shooting with a GH5 (and GH4) for a while with a Panasonic 7-14 inside a Nauticam with their 6” acrylic dome. I’ve never been entirely happy, its a bit soft and very badly suffers from internal reflections (I have reduced this by blacking out the white lens lettering but it is still a problem for me…) I also use the “kit” 12-35 lens so the Nauticam dome has been a great travelling companion as it takes both lenses. 2018 and I now use the lovely Panasonic Leica 8-18 for topside work rather than my 7-14, and I’m hoping that it will give me good results underwater if I get the right dome combination. The 8-18 appears to fit inside my old 6” dome, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be satisfactory. The Nauticam port chart lists two other domes instead: - the simplest and cheapest solution is their 7” acrylic dome; - alternatively, their 180mm glass dome (N120, requiring adaptors and extensions etc). I’m sure there is also a Zen solution but I haven’t looked into that in any detail yet. Any experience out there of the Panasonic 8-18 and recommendations for port configuration? Eg How does the 7” acrylic dome perform, compared to the glass? Will a decent glass dome reduce my internal reflections? All comments welcome.
  6. (a bit late to the discussion sorry, been travelling :-) I've been using the FL-70 for a while and find it very good. I previously used a GH4 so was used to the battery drain consideration and the FL-70 hasn't yet caused me to run out of battery on a dive... I also have the Nauticam LED trigger, but I prefer the flexibility of having TTL if I want it during a dive, and this seems to outweigh any need for faster recycling. Only available from Japan I believe?
  7. Hi everyone, Dave here, from Darwin, the Top End of Australia. Looking forward to joining the discussion, learning, and sharing. I'm a fairly experienced photographer/diver who loves to learn new skills, techniques, styles, and I enjoy helping others to do the same. I now shoot with a GH5 (stills and video), but still enjoy the virtues of my compact setups from time to time. Check out my website to see some of my work, including my other interest/business - aerial photography. www.immersed.net.au
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