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    I'm student of biology, will have my degree in two weeks (I hope). Have special interest in marine biology, so that I did my thesis about the segrass Posidonia oceanica in Nature park Telascica in the Adriatic. <br />I've been dealing with photograpy since I remembre, but only year ago started with UW photograpy. My dream as a child has always been to work for BBC as an underwater camerman. :D<br />But I would be very happy just to work in Natural history museum, working on marine biology and with kids.

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    Olympus C-765
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    Olympus PT-022
  1. ok, then, this is me. dive location - island Lastovo in the south Adriatic, first days of june, so a bit cold... pictures UW were taken without a strobe (since I didn't have one at the time). on the first picture is just me second - me (far right) and my friends doing the inventarisation of flora and fauna together with me third - dry land, after the night dive with my diving buddy Marina (she's on the right) so far, i've been diving only in the adriatic sea so i envy you diving withous suits. oh how i envy you you should see me after getting into 7mm suit... on dry land, preparing for night dive Buga
  2. Well hello to everyone! I'm Buga. At the time I'm still the biology student, but in a week or so, I'll be real biologist, with degree I live in Croatia, inZagreb, but am moving to Rijeka, which is on the Adriatic coast. I've been diving for two years now, only in the Adriatic so far. Year ago I got my first UW housing for my olympus C-765. Nothing special, but it works great for a beginner like me. Now I'm waiting for my first strobe to come from States with my brother, so I hope to switch on some serious photography soon. Since I remembre, I was in love with sea , so biology, then diving and the photography in the end, came just as an natural thing. I'm not so lucky to travel around, since can't afford it, but in the Adriatic there are some great sites - caves, walls, seagrass meadows, wrecks.... really everything. So, this is from me for now Bugs
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