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  1. Joe, think about it in baseball terms. Shoot the 35 when you are ready to face a big league pitcher. Why not start with an under arm 14mm? You can hit a home from both. Nobody will know the difference when you knock it out the park. A nice wide, close up that's non fisheye is where you start. You have big DOF and lots of room for the fish to move. Boy do I wish for the old Nikonos 15, that lens on a 1.3 water contact final element would make me drool!!!!!!
  2. Hey Simon Drew sent me an email today saying that you were asking about shooting billfish. My advice, for what it's worth is stay away from the fisheye whenever possible. Drew was spot on with his advice on that lens, although great for over and unders, it really forces the perspective giving billfish this mega long bill and tiny tail and it kills "presence". It makes a 400 lb blue marlin 5 feet from the dome look like a bug on your windshield. I've used 3 lenses successfully in the past, the canon 14mm 2.8, the Canon 24mm 1.4 and my all time favorite and cheapest is the Sigma 12-24mm EX, the one you thought was a fisheye, it's actually rectilinear. I've used all 3 on both full and 1.3 sensors. There is a big difference here in that I'm shooting unhooked fish. Shooting hooked fish is pretty basic, you can even take a wrap on the leader of a blue marlin underwater to get him in the perfect head forward position (don't do this if you are not sure on the wire). The problem is you can always tell a hooked fish, his color is gone his movement and gesture are exhausted etc.,etc.. In hookless teasing marlin and sails we can get the fish all lit up in a "fired up" state in just the best of condition. More and more we are moving to the 24mm range to bring that "in your face feeling" to the shot. It has it's drawbacks with shorter DOF but the biggest issue is getting a fish traveling at that speed in focus and in frame going from 20' away to past you in less than one second from the time you see him. Be prepared to throw away a lot of images. That lens range also provides detail lost on the wide guns. At 24mm on the 1D MarkIV from 3 feet away you can even see the parasites and tiniest of details especially in the bubble con trails. With the motor drive at 10 frames per second I'm shooting these stitched images and printing them 8 feet across on aluminum. This is the one we shot during the St Thomas video you saw, it was shot with the Sigma at 24mm, @5.6, 1/800th, 800 ASA. There are 5 frames so it was taken in a total elapsed time of 0.5 of a second for the entire sequence. Good luck! BTW we will have a new Pacific sailfish shot and video ready for release in the next 3 weeks. There is a lot of video and info on how we get THE shot.
  3. FYI, I have now heard back from the person who did the conversion. I apparently missed the part where he posted that this particular row on buttons will not work with this mod. Looks like it's my bad.
  4. This conversion doesn't seem to want to die! I had the housing converted by someone on Wetpixels. When he returned the housing, I sold it without testing it on the Mark II. The new owner just contacted me to tell me the the camera fits and most of the controls work well BUT the line of buttons including the menu, info play back etc does not line up with the housing controls. The person who did the conversion has not responded to messages. I seen to remember seeing a photo somewhere on the forums with images of small back plastic button offset adapters. Has anyone any info regarding these offset buttons that may solve my problem. THANKS!
  5. I have a Sea&Sea MDX Pro Housing for a Canon 1Ds Mark III for sale $2800. The housing also fits the Canon 1D Mark IV body but needs a small mod to be able to access the FEL button in order to shoot video. I believe Reef Photo does the mod. The housing is in good condition and has never been flooded. It has a few nicks which would be considered general wear. Please message or email me, marc@marcmontocchio.com if you are interested in more details.
  6. I have a Sea&Sea MDX PRO Mark III for a Canon 1Ds Mark III. I want to swop it for a Sea&Sea MDX PRO 5D Mark II housing. I've used both the 1Ds Mark III and the 1D Mark IV in the housing. I'm wanting to shoot more video and the housing needs to be modified to shoot video o the Mark IV. I also need a smaller housing for the type of work and the amount of travel I'm doing.
  7. Hi Can someone please tell me if there is anyone who is converting the Sea&Sea 5D housing to take the 5D Mark II body? I had someone from Wetpixel offer to do it and then go dark on me. I'm now stuck with a 5D Mark II body (which I bought after confirming that I could get it done) and a 5D housing. Thanks.
  8. That's too funny about your mate taking it as a compliment! I think I'm going to add that to the bottom of my client list "...and stolen from regularly by numerous websites around the world". The way I look at it is based on an equation that every living organism must use every day to survive, effort versus reward. When the effort to correct the situation out weighs the rewards then it's time to let it go. Just remember, karma is a B@#$h! Good luck!
  9. Hi Nick, I enjoy keeping an eye of Wetpixel but never post, this topic however is a raw nerve. I have made my living from photography for the past 15 years or so and regularly find my images being use without rights scattered around the web. I used to get myself in a state approaching rage. I once call a lawyer friend who deals in copyright issues and he gave me some great advice as a friend who is a lawyer. The time, costs involved and general aggravation by far out weight the possible remuneration. I have come to the conclusion that there is copyright law and then there is the real world, even if you win, he takes it down and you won the right to say you were right, value? If this is keeping you up at night, it's costing you a lot more than the image is worth, no matter how great the image. Don't get me wrong, if a major US corporation or publication tried it I would be all over them legally, go ahead hit me I could use the money. It's generally however not that type of entity that steals our images, it the little low life, who cheats on their taxes and always disappears when it's time to pay the tab. Nine times out of ten a polite letter asking them to take down the image works. Then I send a real grubby letter talking about karma and terminal illness (just joking) and let it die, at least it makes me feel better. I did find another way to get at resorts who do this. I contact the large 3rd party travel sites that sell their resort and threaten them, they react very quickly. I had one resort suspended from a few sites for not taking down a stolen image when asked. I never got paid for the image but believe me I caused this guy a whole bunch of trouble, way more then the web usage would have cost him. I know I'm drifting off topic here, the thread is about inherent copyrights in our images whether implied or stated. However the same feelings and emotions apply, if we can't afford to let things go emotionally when some %$@#$^& steals an image and won't take it down even though we know we are morally right, don't email your images. Unless with huge watermark, warnings in the XML data and a disclaimer. I stopped emailing images a while ago. It's easier to use a flash gallery site like Zenfolio or Smugmug. You only have to post the disclaimer once on the site, I've set it to place a big fat watermark on anything bigger than a thumbnail and because it's flash it makes those right click, "save image as" a lot more difficult. Then just email them a link to the image or gallery. Nick I wish you the best of luck and I can feel your pain!!! From what I've read you seem to on the right side of this. How about swopping the model release for the (low res) limited web usage rights?
  10. Martyn, I'm interested in the Inon ring flash for my SEA&SEA 5D housing to use with my 100mm lens. I'm keen to hear about your TTL customization, please (as well as any other comments on the ring). Thanks Cheers Marc
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