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  1. Morning All! This is to expand a little on the article posted yesterday. A colleague of mine, Simon, and I are keen amateur underwater photographers, and also researchers at the University of the West of England, at Bristol, UK. My research background is in Artificial Intelligence, while Simon’s research includes the enhancement of underwater imagery. It seemed to us that there’s great synergy between our research areas i.e. how artificial intelligence may be applied in the post-processing of underwater images. Of course, before we can even begin with this, we need a good idea of how underwater photographers actually do their post processing – hence the survey. Funding for this research is provided totally by the University, who are keen to encourage multi-disciplinary research, especially when it has a wider benefit to society. There is no commercial sponsor, and Simon and I hope that the new knowledge discovered can make a positive contribution to the wider underwater photography community. If you have 10-15 minutes spare, we'd be grateful if you could complete the survey: https://bristol.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1XlQfjzgBtMVJK5 Also, if you have any feedback on the survey, or any comments on the area, please do get in touch. Many thanks!! Chris and Simon
  2. Good Morning! I'm an amateur underwater photographer based in Bristol, UK, been diving and taking pics for a few years. Currently enjoying a lot of taking pics while snorkelling around the UK at the moment, love the freedom. Looking forward to picking up tips and techniques from the excellent forums here! All the best, Chris
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