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  1. I'm looking for one of these cameras now for snorkeling / beach / kayaking duty. What do you think of the newer Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2? Looks pretty sharp. I want to replace my really old Canon SD700 with bulky underwater case.
  2. Thanks for all the recommendations. I'm currently looking for a replacement to my Canon SD700 with Canon U/W case. The SD700 is old and needs to be cycled through display modes to get the sensor/screen to turn on sometimes. I'd rather just have a "normal" looking camera that can go from the beach to snorkeling without a big bulky case.
  3. Our first, but hopefully not last, trip to Fiji was last December/January. We spent 8 nights at a resort on Tokoriki Island in the Mamanuca Group, just south of the Yasawa Group. I just wanted to share some of my shots from our daily snorkeling trips from right off the beach. I used my Canon SD700 IS and Canon underwater case. I think I need a big external flash or video light for those deeper shots.
  4. My girl is going to love that article. She was saying the same sort of things about some of the guys we dove with recently.
  5. Here's another vote for the buy it used and sell it later approach. Sometimes you can get more than you paid for it if you clean it up real well and take great pictures of the item for ebay or craigslist.
  6. That must be it..... I would hate to see that expression coming at me on ground or under water. He's lasered in on that meat!
  7. I feel for you It might be worth it to pay a few hundred to a pro recovery shop.
  8. Well, I know you don't want more Caribbean destinations, but put Margarita Island (Isla Margarita) on your future "closer to home" list.
  9. I recently got both the Canon SD700IS compact and the S3 IS super zoom for an upcoming long trip. The S3 is a really camera for things like sports, the zoo, autosports etc because of the zoom lens. But the LCD is kind of small (2.0") and not super vivid like the 2.5" screen on the SD700.
  10. I'm new here, but I'm a long time digital camera user and I've always loved the Canon digital elph line up of compact digicams. Plus it seems like Canon always manufactures an underwater case for just about all of their compact digital cameras. I've got the SD700 IS, 6 megapixel with image stabilization, and I just bought the WP-DC5 underwater case to use on an upcoming trip. SD700 = $330 WP-DC5 = $150 So far I've only played with it in my pool.
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