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  1. Thanks for that! my book only has the ochre star which is orange... i knew it was something simple. Thanks!
  2. I found lots of these guys today while diving at the old marine land in Palos Verdes. there were tons of these but my book Guide to Marine Invertebrates by Daniel Gotshall doesn't cover it. He was eating something, I couldn't tell what it was. He was about 12"~16'' across. My only guess is that it is a Giant Spined Star but he isn't really the correct colors. Thanks! http://www.flypierce.com/scuba_marineland/...sh.unknown.html
  3. these are my questions as well. I can't wait to hear from those who know more... i was leaning towards the HV10 if i don't go and buy a used 3CCD set up instead.
  4. Ok, so i tried it again. I had better luck with mozilla (i also tried MSFT IE). This time i got about 60% through, right up to the point where the turtle was about the eat the jelly... now i have to figure out a way to see the rest. so far it is really some amazing video! also, the flash player on your home page was working fine for me. You need to come to the US and make a video flying around Southwest USA with me! -C
  5. I got through about 1/3 of it (just past the close up of the red fish's eye and it wouldn't play any further. i reloaded the video and the same thing... incredible though up to that point
  6. there is somebody over on scubaboard looking for a system like yours.
  7. Mark, thanks for your reply. I can see that this can easily be more than a hobby! For the near term I can't see myself doing much more than video for my own sharing pleasures. At this point i couldn't afford a HD cam that would allow for any more than that. I think you are right with the sony 900/950 line. they seem to be the standard for what i need now i just need to talk Ron R. out of his... . I think i will look for somebody who already has a complete setup already to in the water as opposed to piece it together on my own. Thanks for you help! -C
  8. I am a WP lurker and I am very interested in starting with underwater videography and i have a few questions for the brilliant minds here. I am an avid topside SLR shooter but don’t have any interest in taking that underwater. Video is far better! First, HD or SD? HD would be great to start out with but at the same point it seems that I could probably buy a nice used 3 CCD setup such as a TRV 900 as opposed to something new like a Canon HV10 (my ~budget~). Also, for me HD isn't necessary for me i don't think. I would love the better resolution but truthfully, i still use bunny ear antennas for my TV so HD isn't all that important. at the same point if i could invest now in something i wont need to replace for years that would be beneficial as i don't want to spend lots of money on something now and want to upgrade in a couple years. Another case for going with a standard def camera is the large influx of people dumping used cameras to move up to HD. so, is this logical? Should I bite the bullet and start out with HD? Should you sell me your old setup? Am I on the right track? Hopefully this isn't to long of a post and thanks in advance for your help!
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