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  1. Would you have a picture of the setup?
  2. No worries about that. I see that the item is no longer available one ebay. Is it sold?
  3. Well...phew...good on you mate.. Do keep us updated once you have received it... It might just all be a scare at the beginning..
  4. Sorry to hear that you havent received the item that you had paid. He might just have forgotten to send it after cashing your cheque I have liased with him earlier on the item but his story of how he got it and the picture doesn't look convincing enough for me to buy it. Cheers
  5. Urrrgghhh...!!! Your picture of the shark being molested isn't going to be a good thing in this forum..
  6. Haha...I beg to differ sir......The SP-350..if used with the correct batteries..can last for 3 dives..(45mins) at least.. Nevertheless...welcome Andy..to the the UW photogs club.... Classes are good..and be nice to the Wetpixelers.....they can teach n give good tips on UW photog..know how..
  7. Now..that's what I called a dream destination. Awesome write-up and pictures on Truk, Warren. How many dives was done over your trip?
  8. It is appalling to even hear such a story coming from another diver...even if it is true/untrue.. I have yet to meet Mr.Howeikwok in person and I am not vouching for anything...but he does take some good pictures UW.. and he is on my multiply list for quite some time now... I have experience my fair share of divers poking/harrassing marine life, seeing the nudibranch i was just about to take 'flying' off the sand after another diver decides to put his fins to better use, elbowing their way in to get a shot....but pulling the reg out of their mouth always solves this.. Now...mr. Rod Klein...where art thou??? ECHENG..Care to share with us the newbie on your history with him??..
  9. I overlooked on that...yes.. I do agree that marine life SHOULD NOT be harrassed in such a manner just to keep the divers happy....try being harrased on the street and you would know. Thank you for highlighting it ... Drew & James......Junior...take note!!..
  10. ...is this a statement??.. Thanks mrbubbles.....we were lucky the jacks were there that day...and they did gave us a good display... Went back the next day and they weren't there no more..
  11. Thanks Junior... To get the darken background / nicer blue , shoot at a higher shutter speed. Aperture setting depends on your camera as my PnS can only go up to F8. With a DSLR, you can use F22 n above..I think.. For WA, I normally shoot at 1/200, and for Macro it's around 1/320 for me.
  12. In light of this...am I considered to have less credibility too?..
  13. Scott, Thank you for you compliment and comments. Yes , I am shooting with with two strobes (YS110) with the diffusor. The darkness/shadows occurs could be due to me pulling the strobe back / higher as pics will be blown(overexposed) due to strong strobe lights. By underexposing the pictures slightly, I find the colours stand out even more. Derrick
  14. Some pixs from my inagurual trip to Bali. C&C welcomed for improvement. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
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