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  1. First a thanks to all that helped me. Making a decision amongst all the choices can be tough. I finally did, went with: D200, my first serious digital entry. I felt go with a good one. Sigma 10-20 Aquatica housing and acessories 2 INON z240 strobes This was after much reading, feedback and great help from the people at Aquatica who have been very helpful! Camera, love it, fast flexible. Lens: tough choice between this and the Nikon 17-55 but went with this as it is wider and cheaper plus some people had bad experiences with the Nikon Aquatica, great functionality and they were very available for any questions, highly recommend! INON strobes not much to compare against but they worked real well my first time out I just tried out the system in Turks last week. Talk about being nervous the first time you get in the water with all that $$$$$. Tips and suggestions. Try it out in a pool if your toys are new. I realized I had a hard time seeing some of the numbers so I bought a plastic magnifier for the times I might need it. Attached this to a flexible cord that hooked the housing to my BC so if I had to let go my $$$ would not float down to 1000 feet. Caution: I first tried it in the ocean snorkling. I freaked out because I could not see a thing. Well first off it is bright up there and second the settings were way over exposed! So be forewarned. If money is not an issue, I highly suggest this route but it is costly. But hey you only live once. My first time out I was shooting manual and was concerned about the settings, strobes and getting in close. Well had some nice fish even pose for me. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks!! I have decided to start with 1 Inon z240 for now. As there will be so much to learn and deal with I want to go easy for now. In the future I will likely add on an SB800 to get more options UW and have a topside flash. Thanks again to everyone for the great help!
  3. Thanks Matt! Here is the dilema: the whole cash outlay is huge so I am trying to get a lens that will cover a variety of situations. Plus you can't change lenses UW so you have one shot to bring the right one. Again I figure this will cover a lot. I have read a bit and realize that while two strobes is ideal, many people get away with 1; particulary if I will not be doing macro. Agree? Plus as all this will be new to me, I didn't want to complicate things too much. While we are chattng, do you have any thoughts on housings? I am thinking of Aquatica, is it good value for the money or am I better off with something else? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks Sync! So I am just wondering about the difference UW between the 12-24 and the 17-55. My thinking is that the 55 will allow you to get a bit closer to a subject, particularly one that you might not want to get too close to. Plus the constant 2.8 opening must be great and bright?
  5. Rattus and others Thanks! This is a great tool for someone in my current state: looking at what to buy So as I understand it the SB800 which would connect through the housing to the hot shoe will be TTL. If I get an UW strobe then I would need a converter. Right? Does anyone have experience with the SB800 UW?? This would allow me to have a flash for on land as well Tkx!
  6. Can you explain why you need a TTL converter? I am planning to buy a SB800 and connect through to the hot shoe, does this not work? Tkx
  7. Hello All Help: dumb question but I am a virgin: what is a diopter?? I am looking to get a D200 with an Aquatica housing and the 17-55 plus the SB800 flash with underwater housing (so I can use my flash above and below the water). Does this system make sense??
  8. I am looking to buy the D200 and thought that the 17-55 would be a good general lens to have down there considering that you can't change lenses. How is your experience with it? Tkx
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