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  1. Ok!


    Sorry i miswritten, i alredy did understood that the field of view is mainly affected by the focal length of the lens and not the camera.


    So, i think i will have to deal with the 16-50 mm + 6 inch dome port for now. And save some money for buying the 10-18mm later. (The fisheye adapter for 16mm sony lens seems to create a lot of distorsion.)

  2. Thank you very much guys for your answers, i am starting to understand some underwater photography basics.


    So the seafrogs dome port seems not to be an option.

    But is there a difference between an 4", 6", and 8" dome port? Apart from being twice more easy to make split images with a 8" than a 4"...?


    Also, i just checked on GoPro website what is the field of view / angles with the settings i used (medium) :

    Vertical FOV : 72,2° Horizontal FOV : 94,4° Diagonal FOV : 115,7°

    The angle of 83° you announced me is the diagonal FOV? So with the A6000 + 6" dome port i am still waaaaay more narrow than with my actual GoPro? :(

  3. Thank you guys for your advice.


    I agree with the fact that the Sony / Canon housings seems limited to a frequent freediving use.


    I have some newbie questions about my "wide angle" needs, (sorry for not asking google before...) :

    You say shooting humpbacks will need to go "wide angle". You mean that the 16mm (APS-C) of a Sony A6000 isn't wide enough?

    If i add a a dry dome to the Seafrogs housing, did that add a "wide angle coefficient" to my lens? or is this only for making split-images?





  4. Hi everyone,


    As a newbie in underwater photography i would appreciate your experience for helping me to choose my gear...


    What i do :

    I am more a freediver than a scubadiver (recently achieved my Open Water). I also love to go in the waves shooting surfers.


    What/where i shoot :

    I live in Reunion Island (indian ocean), i LOVE to shoot the humpback whales during the season, dolphins, turtles. I also like to shoot freedivers practicing.

    I am going from 0 to 20 meters (99% of the time). I am not into Macro stuff (maybe later...)

    I want to shoot good quality pictures (enough to get printed in a medium format), and also video : Full HD 60p (minimum).


    Gears i own :

    Actually i use a gopro Hero 5, a good action cam but i'm feeling limited when editing my pictures / videos.

    I own a Panasonic G7 with 3 different lenses but i don't find any (affordable) underwater housing for this one...


    So, with a 1000$ budget, i am hesitating between :


    * Sony A6000 + 16-50mm kit lens + SeaFrogs A6xxx salted line Case

    The housing looks great, i like the big glass (to make 50/50 pictures) and i would be able to upgrade up to A6500


    * Sony RX100 mark III or mark IV + Sony or Meikon Housing

    Ability to upgrade to mark V or VI... but 1" sensor


    * Canon G7X mark II + Canon or Meikon Housing

    Seems a great compact cam... but still a 1" sensor...


    Thank you for helping me in this dilemna ^^


    Cheers !

  5. Good morning evryone!


    I'm Basile from France, actually living in Reunion Island (Indian Ocean). I am a snorkeler / freediver / recently scubadiver (OpenWater).

    I currently own a Gopro Hero 5 and Panasonic G7. But i want an upgrade to get better shots of everything i can see in the indian ocean waters (humpback whales especially)... You can check them on my instagram : https://www.instagram.com/_basile_r/



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