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  1. Thanks so much for the input guys! I think I might do what you said and get my hands on them both and see what one I like best. But you guys also made me think nauticam May be the best option living in Florida having the nauticam authorized service location only a few hours away could be a big plus. Thanks again.
  2. Hey everyone Im looking to upgrade my underwater set up and decided on the D500. Im currently using a canon gx7ii in a nauticam housing. I am happy with my nauticam housing and was planning on getting a nauticam for the D500, then a friend told me to check out the Aquatica housings. They also look like a quality product. So Im wondering what everyones preference is and why? Also any experiences you have with either housing is also appreciated! Im still somewhat new to uw photography, Ive been shooting for a little over a year on a pretty frequent basis. However I only have experience with nauticam. Thanks in advance guys
  3. Hello everyone I’m josh, I have been taking photos underwater for about a year now and I’m enjoying every minute underwater with a camera. Currently I use a canon gx7ii in a nauticam housing and dual sea n sea ys-d2 strobes, and I’m looking to upgrade to an slr set up. Can’t wait to be apart of this community
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