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  1. Can anyone provide any further information on this? http://www.dazeddigital.com/photography/article/22757/1/flickr-is-about-to-sell-off-your-creative-commons-photos
  2. For Sale: 2 Inon Strobes Z240 Type 3, with Z1 ball attachment. Brand new, never been wet. 2 15" dovetail TLC arms. If interested, PLEASE PM ONLY with reasonable offers. These items are now SOLD!
  3. No arms or cables. They have the Z1 ball connector for using with ULCS/TLC arms. The Z240's were bought as replacements for my Z220's, but I don't need them now.
  4. These are still for sale. They have the Z-1 arm attachments for mounting to TLC/ULCS. Please PM with reasonable offer if interested.
  5. I have a Seacam Wide Port for sale, asking $700. PM if interested.
  6. I have two Inon Z240 Type 3 strobes for sale. Brand new in boxes - never used. Asking $725 each. Please PM if interested.
  7. "Have dived the west end of Grand Bahamas before for 3 days but didn't do Tiger beach. Really looking forward to it. Was just thinking might be nice to do a bit of macro at night." Darragh, I think I met you on a trip to West End on the Gulfstream Eagle several years ago. ? I use a 105 macro on the D300 a lot. For doing a night dive on say the Sugar Wreck, a 60 macro would be fine if that's all you've got, but I think I rather have the 105, if only for the range and for the really teeny stuff. For limited use, I'm not sure if its worth it to spring for a brand new 105, but if you could pick up a used 105 for a decent price, then I'd definitely go for a 105. You would most likely also need a port extension (there goes more $). just my 2 cents, and most of all enjoy your trip. Kathy
  8. I think your question has more answers in another forum thread here since there is another one for dedicated UW digicams. However, I happen to be very happy with my D10, I love it. The image quality is great. It goes diving alongside my housed D300 on shallow dives but I would not risk taking it deeper than its rating since I don't have 300 bucks to toss in the ocean just to find out!
  9. I hear ya, but you are not really comparing apples to apples. The Canon is aimed at a different market, it is built for being dropped, rafting, snorkeling & just generally kinda getting beat up. It was released nearly a year ago and the price is more than 100 less. If I really wanted to shift my focus to UW HD video, I would buy a real camera!
  10. Not sure what is meant by "better in so many ways", but I have no problem with focusing speed on the Canon D10 and the price ($289) is $100+ less than the Lumix ($399), which is not even yet available for purchase (from B&H anyway) so I can't make a true comparison yet. I don't find the shutter lag all that bad on the D10. Lag is horrible of course compared to my D300. But the D10 is a fun camera and the image quality is great. Both of these dedicated UW cameras are rated good to 33 feet. I'm not sure I want to risk taking it any deeper since I don't have 300+ bucks to throw away. I'm still in the process of editing and posting videos. but here's a short video clip I took in December. http://www.vimeo.com/9804230.
  11. I'd love to find someone to dump some of my old Nikonos stuff on. I have one of those chrome ring old 35 mm's, don't know if it works, I never used it, it was given to me, you can have it for the mere price of shipping from the States. I also have a couple of 28's that are well used but work beautifully, how cheap is cheap enough? You wouldn't happen to be interested in extension tubes, would you?
  12. try the screw carabiner clips. secure when using your camera on land and easy to remove.
  13. I'm surprised you've gotten no answers... I'll send you a PM. Kitty
  14. for which model(s) of Nikonos? I have a bunch of O-ring sets in their original boxes for various models. PM me if interested.
  15. I love my TUSA Liberators. I originally got it for freediving but wear it for all diving. They are very low volume and comfortable. I'm on my 3rd one, after trying & buying many others that fit great in the dive shop but always seemed to develop a small drip leak over my right eye. I only bought this 3rd one specifically for the black silicone and keep the others in my dive bag for spares. IMHO, splurge and buy yourself a magnifying viewfinder. Its so well worth the money and the best thing you can do to improve your vision UW.
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