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  1. Hi, What is the condition of the dome port; too many scratches? Paulo
  2. OK. Now I have the option "reply do this topic" available. Thank you This morning it was still blocked. Best wishes
  3. Hi, I have registered, posted my presentation, send the codes, but on classifieds forum I found on everything post closed, And I am very interested on some items for sale. Can be fixed or I must quit?
  4. Hi, I dive for some years and I have photographed a lot on film cameras but now I am interested on learning more about digital photography. I have a Sony Nex5n and 6300 with Nauticam housings.
  5. Hi all members of this forum. I am based in Portugal and my actual underwater equipment is around Sony Nex 5n and 6300 on Nauticam housings. In my "anterior life" I have worked a lot underwater with 35 mm and 6x7 cm cameras and also filming on 16 mm. Nowadays I appreciate do play light with this small Sony equipment. And I like to read about all your experience on digital underwater photography.
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