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  1. I ended up with the following to start. - Camera and housing for the rx100 V, I felt that a compact was a good starting point. - Wide and a +10 macro lenses. - an arm and tray for the strobe - a Ys 01 strobe to begin with. I will test everything in a few weeks, very exited. All of that was about 3000 euros
  2. I checked it out, what light and lenses do you use (wide and macro)? How much did that setup run you? Also is the Lx10 and Lx15 the same? , I've read that is just another name in some markets and Lx10 is not sold where I live only Lx15. You wrote as well that you can't change from macro to wide uw, I thought that was the advantage with wet lenses? Is that a problem with the other cameras and housings as well? Also could I check out some of your pictures with your setup? 🙂 Thanks!
  3. I've been looking at the MkII as well and with all that I need to start it seems affordable as well. Could I check out some pf the pictures you habe taken with it?
  4. Hi! I posted before asking about compacts but after googling a lot I'm still none the wiser. I'm going on a trip in a while that will involve quite a bit of diving as well as some backpacking and I would like to get some UW photography done. I'm not very experienced with photography, but I know the basics of a DSLR. I have about 180 dives and am a DM though, so I can move relatively well underwarter. I have some questions and some decisions to make. 1. What camera? G7X mkII, rx100 (which model?), Lx10, Tg5, mirrorless (why tho?). It's hard to decide. 2. What lenses should I get? I would love to shoot nudies and such, but also be able to shoot wide. 3. What kind of light, I've gathered that it is very important to have that. 4. Easy questions maybe if money was not an issue, but unfortunately it is. I have a budget of about 2500 EUR. Not a lot but hopefully I can get some help here to identify what I need for my start setup. Thank you in advance!
  5. Yes, it seems like a strobe would be the most important to get first, I will check out your suggestion. I was thinking about a fantasea housing for the Canon. There is a shop where I was thinking of buying so I will be sure to let them teach me about how not to kill the camera on my first dive 😂 This is going to be expensive haha. Thanks for the thorough reply 😁
  6. So It would probably be the g7x for me. In the EU i see it for 480€ but the rx100 V is 950€, it's quite a difference for me atm, So a strobe and a macro lens would good to have then, do you have any suggestions for something good that doesn't cost too much? Thanks again, everyone's been very helpful
  7. Thank you for replying. I am currently leaning towards the g7x since its a bit chaper than the rx and I read that it's better for macro. Independently of camera choice, how necessary will a strobe, macro and wide angle lens be? Which should be the most important accesory for the camera? It will be recreational diving in tropical waters.
  8. It would probably help but I'm looking for a new camera to take on this trip, so I thought i might as well get the UW kit. There's been so many dives where I wish med I had a camera with me,I just want to be able to take some pretty pictures 😁
  9. Thanks for replying! Yeah I'll probably need some lenses as well. I just read that the tg5 takes great macro without a macro lens. It's hard to decide but I will check the forums and contact some retailer near me s3e what they say. Thanks
  10. Hi! First post here. I want to get into some UW photography and have bben having a hard tine deciding what camera to buy. I will be making a trip soon. I'm thinking on a compact camera since I'm a beginner and don't really have the money for the better systems. I would love to have it all, or as close as I can come. I have read a lot it seems that the best compact cameras for UW photos are the rx100 series and the g7x mk II. However the tg 5 is cheaper and seems to have great macro capabilities. I would like to have a camera that takes good pictures out of water as well since it will not be exclusively a diving trip. I would like to be able to take good macro shots and be able to picture big things if the opportunity presents as well. So what would you guys recommend? Tg5, rx100 (I, II, or III?), or g7x mk II? Thank you very much. Glad to be here 😊
  11. Hello! I'm here because I want to take great uw pics 😁
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