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  1. Hello, I am currently looking for the following items for my kit so that I can use a few lens' I already have on my camera. Housing accessories I need - DL Ports: 50 mm port - 75050 28 mm port - 75028 Focus gear rings: 24 - 70 series 2 - 5509.12 16 - 35 series 3 -5509.14 Anti reflection ring for 16 to 35 - 0923.04 Strobes accessories I need - 2x ds161 or ds160 2x Extensions for strobes - 4102.15 2x Optical space converter - 4405 4x diffusers - 4069.2 4x diffuser - 0591.3 Lens accessories - This may be a long shot but I am also looking for a + 4 diopter But, I will take a whole kit from 1 to 10 if necessary. This is 82mm in size I believe.
  2. Already had a topic so rather than clutter the forum with more I am modifying this one: Is there a generic o-ring lubricant that can be used for these o-rings? I played paintball quite frequently and used lubricant on o-rings from a viscous substance to what is basically in the ikelite tubes. There has to be a cheaper source that won't destroy the o-rings. Old topic: I'm having issues with my ikelite housing switching modes from anything while my 5d mark iv is in the housing. This is a dry lock housing and it was working before. It seems like the piece that is suppose to make contact with the outside rim is either missing or not making contact correctly. This turned out to be a missing piece on the t that was a semi clear rubber thing.
  3. Thank you for confirming it. It did seem odd that it would have me create a bridge to cycle the strobe but it functioned.
  4. Is there a way to test fire an ikelite strobe without having it hooked up to a camera? I didn't quite understand this article and what they wanted to have me do: https://www.ikelite.com/blogs/faq/wiring-diagrams-test-firing-strobes It seems I need a paper clip to short a circuit(create a circuit) and cause it to fire. Is this right?
  5. New Member in Florida. I'm currently looking to purchase a housing for a 5dmarkIV so that I can do some artistic underwater and above water shots I have been coming up with. I am also in need of underwater strobes for some of these as well with the capability to be off camera when doing the shot.
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