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  1. Bula!! fingers crossed I will get right in the thick of it, not sure who I am diving with, but I will probably stick with whoever I start with. Thanks for your comments, it adds to the excitement as my trip gets closer, Cheers!
  2. Hi Matt, I will be there from 17 Aug to 4 Sept. I am getting good info here to wrap my mind around a decent plan to maximise my opportunities. I have pre booked 3 double dive shark trips so far to be sure I have a spot. Reef shooting is pretty easy, when we hook up I can give you some helpful pointers. I am planning on doing a lot of shore dives to play with my snoots with the little critters. So I will see you there!! Cheers!
  3. @ Luke, from what I have read about the shark dive I see it will be a challenge to get a good clean shot. I figure doing mulitple shark trips will increase my chances to nail a handfull of neat shots. @ Steve, I have a Koi pond bure for the first 4 nights then the remaining two weeks at a beachfront, thanks for the warning about the coconuts, I will be sure to look out for them. I will see what room I have for extra pencils and stuff for the children. I agree that the Fijians are the friendliest people on the planet, I did a short trip to Fiji back in 2003 and loved it. @ G'Day James, yeah I agree 18 nights is a long time, but I have Joe Holley with Marine Visions and Mike from H2O Photo Pros arriving 4 days after I get there, for a week and when they leave my mother will join me for the last week. So moving is not really possible. The pro's for staying in one spot that many days? I have 15 dive days planned so I will get to see a lot of reef and sharks, Plus I am taking a lot of above water camera stuff to see if I can capture some very nice commercial type images of the resort. After scouring the web I havent found many great images of the resort so I hope to use all those days to come home with a lot of very nice images. Thanks for your input guys I appreciate it. Cheers!
  4. Hi, I am heading to Beqa Lagoon Resort for 18 glorious nights in August. I wanted to know if anyone has travelled there recently that could provide up to date input on their adventure, what did they think of their trip, and highlights. I hope to do the 5 shark trips, so I would appreciate any comments, such as if you had any difficulties shooting them or helpful hints that would make these dives successful. Thanks for your time in advance! Cheers!
  5. Hi All, I just brought this impressive lens and already I am conjuring up thoughts on how I can get this lens in the water. currently I am shooting with a Aquatica housed Canon 20D and shoot regularly with the 100mm and 10-22mm lenses. But will be shooting with my new 1Ds Mark III when I get a housing for it. The more of I think of it, the more excited I am about the potential results. Having used this lens a little above water I am consciously aware of its small DOF and I understand the difficulties I will have with most subjects I want to capture underwater. So that being said, has anyone heard of or tried to use Canons MP-E 65mm underwater? Cheers! Terry
  6. Hi Josh, Congrats on your DM cert!!! Mate I wouldn't worry about the Box Jellies, they are out and about from the months of November through to May. Sometimes depending on the year they might make an earlier or later appearance. But they are strictly found in the coastal waters where most of their food can be found (i.e. less than +/- 10 miles from shore). The GBR is typically a long way off shore and the Bx Jellies do not venture out that far as a whole, though I am sure someone here might/ will say that they have seen them out on the reef but I would hazard a guess that they were seen on the reefs closest to the coastline. Enjoy your diving mate! cheers!
  7. I Concur with ScubaSpen, I also traveled with Explorer Ventures on there vessel Nimrod Explorer in March 08. Great crew, Great Meals, and exceptional diving. But you also have some of the best diving right on your doorstep in Townsville and I have seen Flinders and Osprey, both are equal in my mind for diversity, and visability. Cheers!
  8. I have just come back from a trip to Australia and PNG. I flew from Houston via Honolulu, Guam to Cairns. Since I wanted to be sure I had all my equipment before flying to the remotest parts of PNG I jumped on Nimrod Explorer for a 5 day trip which visited some of the nicer Ribbon Reefs and then out to Osprey Reef. Great Boat, Great Crew and exceptional diving!. That trip was a perfect get ready trip before PNG. Thankfully I had all my stuff in order and then I was off to Tufi Dive Resort. I can not speak highly enough of the Resort or Linda Honey who owns the resort. The diving was fantastic and the muck diving was amazing! I managed to exceed 40 hours of bottom time in the 36 dives I did in 2 weeks. The dive staff never rushed me and were totally content in leaving me alone so I could get my shots. They were also exceptional guides with a sharp eye to find the smallest and uglyist of critters. The outer reefs were amazing! Fish life plentiful and not fished out. Dolphins and at times whales were spotted in the flat calm seas. The only negative was that the visability on the reefs were around 100ft I would have liked better viz, but given it was April (end of the wet season) I found it totally acceptable. Topside opportunities were abundant, natives, animals, birds, reptiles could be seen daily and with the right lenses you can and will get some amazing shots. You can see a lot of my images that I took at Tufi at my website. Check it out, Tufi will not let you down! Cheers Terry
  9. G'Day Josh, Mate you wil have some of the best diving right on your door step. You have the Yongala Wreck. Undisputed the best wreck dive in Australia and being in the top 10 wreck dives in the world. It is a must do and see dive. I am positive you will be diving it regularly. The coral sea is right out from Townsville as well Flinders Reef is its main attraction. There are live aboard vessels departing from Townsville to dive this great location. Don't be she to do some fresh water dives. Like up at Big Crstal Creek, just north of Townsville. Note that there is some very large crocodiles in north Queensland and you best seek advise before you jump into any water!! Cairns is only 4 hours drive north and there is a bunch more reefs to hit there. But I am sure that you will have plenty to see diving the GBR, Coral Sea/ & Yongala Wreck from Townsville alone. Hope this helps. Cheers Terry Ex Mike Ball Dive Expeditions Photo/Video Pro- based out of Townsville 1992-1994, 1997-2000
  10. Hi guys, I have seen a lot of the information and tech specs online in the recent months. So some of the discussions above are nothing new to me. But to say that I was eagerly waiting for the Mark III release is an understatement... Like Pavlovs Dog I am drooling puddles big enough to dive in to get my hands on it and get it underwater. Any improvements on a Pro Camera will have some chasing that extra edge in producing an image that captures your imagination and to ask yourself... How did he/She do that!. Now if I can only buy one Cheers! Terry Moore www.liquidmotionproductions.com
  11. Hi Cody, I just come across your forum with interest. I am one of those guys who are making the splash into the HDV market and I do have a sweet system that I am trying to get rid off. I brought the system for a bargin price and I am willing to part with it for the same. Besides buying a HDV system this would be the next best system money can buy If you are interested here are the details below... I would be happy to let it all go for a great price to low to put on here. Please email me if you are curious or have any questions or are interessted to terence.w.moore@gmail.com Mark, you have sweet system, which is what I am chasing now how are you finding it? Regards, Terry
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