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  1. Gates are advertising a housing for the AX100, not sure if it is available yet.
  2. To answer my own question. One of my BSoUP friends has suggested that this is a partly curled up sea pen with nudibranch eggs laid at its base. I think he may well be right :-)
  3. I would appreciate help with the ID on this creature, possibly a nudibranch. These are video screen grabs taken in the Komodo National Park on a day dive. It is about the same size as a moderate nudibranch and was alone. I am not sure if structures on the left of picture first picture are gills or eggs. I cannot find it in any of my critter ID books. Thanks for your hellp Roger Eve
  4. Hi Nick, Thanks for that, it looks like you nailed it. I suppose with it being a day shot it is closed up. The night time images on the net of Alicia mirabilis look very impressive, shame i cannot go back and look for it on a night dive. Roger
  5. Hi Guys, I would appreciate your help with this strange creature. It is a frame capture from a video film. Taken on a muck dive Ambon, Indonesia, during the day in about 10m of water. It appears to be free moving and could slightly change its shape. The appearance at the top suggests an anemone, but I have not been able to identify it. Thanks for your help. Roger
  6. Thanks again for your help. The latest Wave doesn't seem to have the buttons on the screen, so I will really need to see one to check out how easy it is to operate the white balance. Best wishes Roger
  7. Thanks R4e, That is a really excellent reply, and very reassuring. I think the newer version answers some of your grudges. I assume the wide port is acrylic, and therefore fairly easy to repolish. One further question, how easy is it to use the one touch white balance? Thanks again, Roger
  8. If any one has any experience with the latest version of the Wave HD for the Sony CX700 I would really like to hear from you. I really do need to get smaller and lighter, and it looks a good option as a recreational housing. Thanks for your help and advice. Roger
  9. Hi Guys, I have dinged my 94 degree Amphibico port (Phenom/Endeavour) . Amphibico are no longer trading, so I am looking for an undamaged front element. Anyone out there able to help? Cheers Roger
  10. What a bummer, just gone and dinged by 94 degree port in the Red Sea and the UK supplier cannot even get spares for their own rental Phenoms. Still have the flat port but will have to hope nothing goes wrong with the rest of my housing!!! Here is hoping someone takes over the company. Roger
  11. Thanks. This is really bad news. Fingers crossed that someone buys them out and maybe some spares and servicing will be possible. Roger
  12. Has anyone heard anything about Amphibico having to "refinance"? The UK distributor says they cannot get spares, and I have scratched the front of my 94 degree port!!! Roger
  13. Hi Sean, You might need to set the camera to the right video output. On my Sony FX7 you need to start the camcorder menu, access the DISPLAY SET page and the DISP OUTPUT setting. Set the value to V-Out/PANEL. I hope it is the same on the SR12 Cheers Roger
  14. Hi Jo, It's certainly a great pinnacle, large enough to support a lot of life, and being out on its own in the current it attracts lots of shoals as well as supporting soft corals. It doesn't get dived as frequently as the classic Rasmo sites. Most day boats go on by to the Dunraven, a rather disappointing wreck in my opinion. The day I filmed the vis wasn't all that good near the surface (by Red Sea standards) so the shoals of yellow snappers were not so dramatic. There were three Napoleons at max depth, but I didn't manage to get close enough to do them justice on the video. See you at the postponed Photosub meeting Roger
  15. Hi Wagsy, Thanks for your comments. It wasn't originally meant for You Tube, so I agree it could be a bit shorter. I could easily shorten the sequence on the sweetlips but they are my favourites I love piano music, and it was a very slow and dreamy dive, I seem to remember getting an hour and a quarter out of my 12 litre tank, including quite a while at 25m. I used my Sony FX7 with an Amphibico Endeavour housing/94 degree port, using the internal blue water filter. Always my problem is keeping the camera still, particularly on close-ups, without touching the reef. Roger
  16. As I promised Jo Horrocks in an earlier post, I have uploaded a short HD video to You Tube. This was taken on one dive on a single pinnacle called the Lonely Mushroom. The pinnacle is one of the Alternatives just South of Ras Mohammad on the Sinai Peninsular. The top is about 1.5m below the surface and the walls descend down to about 30m. It is a lovely dive, full of fish life, hard and soft corals. It also supports a shoal of my favourite Red Sea fishes - black spotted Sweetlips. I hope it brings back a few memories for those of you that dive this area. Happy New Year. Roger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga-z8lWgbgQ
  17. I will see what I can do. I have edited a short HD video of the "Lonely Mushroom" from the June trip which might be suitable for uploading Cheers Roger
  18. It still happens if you get a good skipper on your liveaboard. We had two dives on Shark Reef in June with huge shoals of snappers and unicornfish, no current and no other divers, plus a night dive on the Thislegorm by ourselves - great stuff.
  19. Hi Jo, I know I commented on the video via Photosub email, but thought I would support you here too. Great video, as Wendy & I were there at the same time, albeit on another boat, it brought back some lovely memories. We have signed up with Ken for the same time next year. Those big shoals are wonderful, add the clarity of the water (and its warmth) and who could ask for anything better. It astonishes me that thousands of divers visit Rasmo each year, yet it is still one of the best diving areas West of Singapore. We rate it better than the Maldives, and a lot cheaper Have a great Christmas and see you both in the New Year Roger
  20. It was DigitalRev, but through an Ebay advert. As we paid the full duty, and the company reimbursed us, there was nothing "fishy" about the deal. Cheers Roger
  21. Another good tip with EasyJet is to book their Speedy Boarding option. There are no pre-booked seats, but you get to board first and can nab the legroom seats, great if you 6ft+ like me. It even worked at Sharm recently when just 10 of us speedy boarders were loaded onto the first bus by ourselves and had the choice of seats before the second bus arrived Roger
  22. EasyJet to Sharm allow UNLIMITED weight for cabin luggage as long as it is within the size limit and you can lift it into the overhead lockers. A few sessions at the gym before flying are good. We put all our heavy items in the hand luggage (batteries, lenses ports etc.) mine weighed 15kg!! but was still within the size limit. Only problem is carrying it around the airport Roger
  23. We purchased a lens recently from a Far East source that guaranteed re-imbursement of any tax paid. I freely admit I was VERY sceptical, however even with the VAT and import tax it would have been a good buy. The item was delivered and we paid the courier the duties. We then scanned the duty receipt and emailed it back to the company as requested. That sum was put back on our credit card within 24 hours. Excellent service Roger
  24. I too have found Jamendo.com a good resource. Lots on there, but it is well indexed. Much of it can be used with just an acknowledgement to the artist if it is for personal or amateur use. Licences are available if used commercially. Roger
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