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  1. After years of patience and search I've found the housing I always wanted the sturdy Aquatica 3 for Nikon Why? I like velvia and provia underwater and self develop, sort of a direct approach with photography But in order to use it properly underwater I need some missing stuff: a shutter speed cap and coupling gears for a nikkor 20mm f2.8 The 1st solution is to machine them BUT if someone has spars and most likely interest to sell or contribute sending measures for a good cause I'll be happy Any help or hint is appreciated Cheers Alex
  2. You're not alone, I have the same issue with an aquatica III for my nikon F3, bought it today Threaded domes have been in production until the F90 housing, than oceaneye switched to user friendly bayonet(1990-1995) You can find a vintage plexiglass dome for $$ Ask someone to make it for you, $$$ Ask oceaneye, $$$$ Star machining aluminum or plastic and find you way, $$$ Good luck and keep film alive
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