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  1. Thanks Seafan. I'll give Canon Canada a call. I may also order 2 as you indicated in the other post. Good to have a backup. jgamurray
  2. Andi, Maybe you can answer this. I can't seem to find the info. Does this case allow you to use the S1s popup flash? It appears it may have the clearance at the top to accommodate the flash. Thanks, jgamurray
  3. Actually, I think that's the case for the S1, not the Pro1. Don't think Canon makes a case for the Pro1 (ala G-Series).
  4. Hi All, We're looking at a trip to Australia in September this year and need some help. We're looking at a self-drive with Goway tours from Sydney to Cairns over a 14 day period. I'd like to spend some extra days in Cairns for trips out to the reef. We're not divers, just snorkellers. Several questions: Is it worth trying to work some extra days in to spend at Heron Island? Is the snorkelling that good there? Who should we go with out of Cairns? Would it be better to stay at Port Douglas? Any additional tips from anyone with experience with this part of the world would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, jgamurray
  5. Steve, Not sure if I'm answering your actual question or not... With the S series cameras, S30 and above, you can use the up/down four-way controller in the menus by holding down the MF button and using the right/left buttons. I use my S30 this way underwater to adjust ISO. jgamurray
  6. Hi All, Just a maintenance question.... Canon says to regularly replace the o-ring seal on the case. Has anyone ever done this? Where did you get the seal? Is it neccessay? I only use the case for snorkelling with my S30. Thanks, jgamurray
  7. Simon K. FYI, I have an S30 with the Canon case. You can access all the up/down menu commands while the camera is in the case. Just hold down the manual focus button in a menu and use the right and left navigator buttons to move up and down. I've often changed the ISO setting underwater using this method. I believe there is also a method for turning off the S45/S50 models while they are in the case instead of waiting for the auto shutoff. Hope it helps. Allen
  8. Hi All, I've used my Canon WP-DC300 case a number of times in Bermuda at snorkelling depth and have been reasonably happy with the case. I rinsed my case in freshwater after each use. The case has developed some smaller spider cracks in the surface. I have not dropped the case or banged it against anything. Has anyone else experienced this with this, or any other Canon case? JGAMURRAY
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