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  1. Housing is still just as described but will take 3200 to purchase

  2. HI! i am a semi professional photographer and after years of dreaming am finally ready to start shooting underwater. I currently have a d800, and it’s days as my primary camera are coming to an end, but it is still very functional. I am debating if it is worth it to buy a housing for it or just wait until I get a new camera ( I have no idea when that will be, could be another year still) does anyone still shoot with an 800 underwater? Is it a good underwater camera? I was looking at the Ikelite housing for it as the price is right, does anyone have experience with it? Would anyone happen to be selling a d800 housing?! thanks!!
  3. Hey! I’m matt, I’m a diver from California although I currently am landlocked living in Colorado :( I am a semi pro photographer and am finally ready to take the plunge (pun intended) into underwater photography after years of dreaming!)
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