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I have been a PADI diver since May 1972. My instructor, John Keene, was about 75 years old when he certified me (so he would have been born in 1898) That makes me feel much older than I am. I have also been a photographer since 1973, and have been working as a professional photojournalist since 1988. Currently I work for the Sacramento Bee newspaper in northern California. Oddly enough, I have only been involved with UW photography for a few years. I bought a used Light&Motion housing for a Nikon D100 from Norbert Wu and now I have spent all my wife's money on my new hobby. I recently upgraded to a D700 and a Sea&Sea housing for it. I have made photo trips to Bonaire, Riviera Maya, Socorro Island, Palau, Monterey, and Kona so far, so my portfolio of UW shots is still quite thin, but I am learning. I was lucky enough to win Wetpixel's Picture of the Year in 2009, and in 2010 was a top finalist in the Pictures of the Year International for a picture story that you can see here: In 2013 one of my photos was awarded third place in the prestigious World Press Photo competition which you can see here.
You can see more of my work at my website, www.randallbenton.com

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