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  1. Hello again everyone - as an update, I got to test the quadripod a couple of days ago, and it works great! The arms held fine, no rotation, and I was actually surprised by the flexibility offered by the clamped leg system, which really allows to make up for positioning uneven terrain! More flexible than I though, as I didn't think it was possible to play with clamp angles as much and still hold the rig in position. Otherwise as predicted, the compact housing with the flexitray, a small video light, and the arms clamps + leg system was negative enough to be stable, even on a relatively choppy day with respectable surge. So really happy with the tray test - main downside was that all the critters we found that day seemed to be on walls, where I couldn't use the rig... Found nothing in the nice flat sandy areas f the dive site, but lots of life in places where I simply couldnt fully setup up the 4 legs, which was a little frustrating to say the least... We finally did find a couple of subjects on narrow platforms on the wall where it was possible to get some test shots (yet with very limited options for the shooting angles...). Here are a couple of test shots of nudis with the quadripod, nothing fascinating, but happy to have found some stability: So all set now! We have a massive typhoon coming our way, so this was most likely our last dive on this snall Japanese island for a while, unfortunately. Off to the Maldives in a few weeks if all goes well, where I probably won't have that many opportunities to work with the quadripod - but we'll see what happens on nightdives... I must say I'm really looking forward to getting more familiar with the possibilities offered by having (at last!) a practical stable platform to work from - guess the next step will be getting a decent videolight for macro Anyway, it's all good. Thanks again to everyone for helping out on this little endeavour to expand the possibilities offered by a simple Nauticam Flexitray, and I hope this thread will help others embarking on the same path! cheers b
  2. Thanks! I'll get to test it in a few days and will report back. Neutral buoyancy isn't an issue with this rig - like most compacts, it's like a brick in the water with 900g+ negative buoyancy as is, without the tripod arms + legs (or lights...) - this should work quite nicely without floats. Thanks to everyone for your help with this project!
  3. Got the housing back today, and it's all good. I tried working on making 2 bits of polycarbonate to screw into as instructed but do not have the right tools to saw/pierce something cleanly unfortunately, so finally went for a slightly more rustic option. I used the arm's 1/4 inch holes to fasten to the tray using M5 screws as I'd initially done as this worked quite well, apart from the rotation - I then took longer M5 screws and used a 1/4 tripod mount screw adjuster as a form of large washer for this 2nd screw. It's not the cleanest but does the trick to secure the arm further and avoid rotation. The mount isn't identical same on both sides, as there was only minmal working space on the Felxitray's right side, but by inverting screws / bolts I found something that works - if anyone wants to try working with the same openings on this Flexitray (see Sept 14 post), maximum screw size in the narrow openings is 5mm (M5) - anything bigger, M6 / 6mm and 1/4"do not fit... The shorter 5"arms used were not an issue with a compact housing such as the NALX10
  4. Thanks - I hesitated between the 5" and 8" arms, but when with the shorter as I couldn't see reasons to go with longer arms - It's for a compact housing and I couldn't see functional issues when measuring things out - when looking into it I also saw that actual Nauticam tripod mounts are quite close to the housing (albeit at an angle). My housing's in for repairs should be back in a couple days, so i'll get to check if the arm length is problematic or not. I got the 4 legs today and it's looking quite good, but I'll definitely need a second screw to avoid rotation. The polycarbonate sheet should be arriving tomorrow, along with longer screws, so hopefully I'll be able to fix something. I'm pretty happy with the way it's going - the biggest expense / headache are the screws so far, which hard to come by and expensive in these parts.... We're leaving Japan to work in Maldives for winter, but if all goes well I might actually get to test the setup on a couple of dives before we set off.
  5. Hello all - I've made some progress on the project, ordering 5 inch ball arms on Ali Express with predrilled 1/4 inch threads, along with assorted countersunk screws - I settled for M5 (5mm diameter) as 1/4 inch was too thick to fit in available and usable tray spaces, and there's not that many lenght options available in the format. I mounted the arms to the tray using M5 screws in the 1/4 mount holes. However the Nauticam tray is asymetrical, so what worked was having the bolt up on the smaller side and bolt down on the larger side. The mount is not 100% symmetrical, but close, and I think it will do. It's pretty stable already as is, but I'll need longer screws - the ones I'm using are 20mm M5 and that's a little short, so I ordered 25mm in 316 stainless - I I'll probably need washers as well. I'm ordering the bolts etc on amazon.jp, so choice is limited, but ordering from China direct takes over 2 weeks and I might be on the move again soon. I also ordered a polycarbonate sheet, with a thickness of 5mm that I should be receiving in a couple of days. Idea is to reinforce this setup by adding a plate to the arms, so I can have another bolt to secure the whole thing, as suggested.
  6. Thanks Bill. Issue is fixing the base of the Nauticam to a tripod. If i remove the flexitray, I have 2 1/4 threads at the base of the housing, so it's quite simple. But I'd like to keep the Flexitray mounted, and there's the rub...
  7. Looks great! What diameter + length bolts did you use ( I'd have to order online, no way to test things out on the island). I also wanted to ask you if, based on use, there is a reason to go with 7" arms rather than shorter 5" ones which would be a little closer to the Flexitray base. Thanks again B
  8. Thanks everyone! Really great ideas there. Looking into Tor Inge's plan posted by Davide ( https://www.ti-leidland.no/en/blog/46-scubadiving/136-diy-quatropod-for-underwater-housing ) , I found similar ball arms but pre-drilled with 1/4 threaded holes, which could be an option. Main issue is that I'm in a remote place with no hardware store so have to order everything online, but I think I know which way to go!
  9. Hello all I have a Nauticam Flexitray system on for a compact rig - I would like to keep using the tray, and I'm currently looking into ways to build a simple tripod system for the unit (base, ball mounts, clamps, 3 or 4 legs) However, I can't really see how/where a tray could be attached on such a system. I was told by a retailler that I would need to buy another Nauticam handle with tripod attachements mounts, which is not great (expensive, especially in Japan where I am now, more clutter, etc). I'm thinking there are probably more straightfloward ways, if a litte DIY, of attaching a tray mount to this flexitray, maybe using the existing screwmounts or similar. Has anyone embarked on similar endeavours, or have any ideas on things that could work before I bring out the cable ties? Thanks! Ben
  10. more on the RGBlue Blackbody VM12 on the NHK website.... What a monster... https://www.nhk.or.jp/strl/open2021/tenji/16/3.html
  11. Never been so can't be of much help but this French blogger's dives were at 24m - visibility's supposed to be good in FP. https://worldadventuredivers.com/diving-in-fakarava/
  12. Thanks for the heads up, I was planning on buying a few! Best go stick to their freediving neck weight then, as it's made for use in sea water. I've been using their FRD500 1.5kg neck weight (https://www.decathlon.sg/p/8546390-114679-frd500-freediving-lead-neck-ballast-15-kg.html ) for actual freediving training, it's solid and comfy for that purpose, and worked quite well to stabilise a Joby tripod on scuba. It's soft, with 2 main (closed) shot compartments and then smaller ones on the sides and good .velcro I saw they also have a heavier mode "chabaud"model, seems maybe a little rigid for tripod purposes https://decathlon.lv/en/unlinked/335751-85214-freediving-chabaud-hydro-2-kg-neck-weight.html other types of FD weights: https://www.deeperblue.com/neck-weights-for-freediving/
  13. For weights, I've experimented with freediving neck weights. They have have a velcro strap and can be easily attached. Here's a Decathlon 1.5kg model, handy for different purposes https://www.decathlon.sg/p/8546390-114679-frd500-freediving-lead-neck-ballast-15-kg.html Decathlon also makes cheap soft ankle weights in different weights as well, but not sure how these would hold in salt water. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/browse/c0-sports/c1-fitness-and-gym/c3-ankle-and-wrist-weights/_/N-1dwz33b if you have acces to lead shot and want to go full DIY, here's the tried and true homemade freediving neckweight method, with a tyre inner tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cQOz9ePDN8
  14. Haven't seen any, they were announced last May, and marketed very recently (the product page is less than a month old) I'll let you know if I see any reviews, but I'm guessing will probably be restricted to the Japanese market for a while. This profile here (Japanese only) explains that the lights were initially developped as something of a collaboration project with NHK teams, for 4K/8K footage. https://av.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1253757.htm They market it as "supernatural light with premium colour" and present the 5000K model as ideal for working on sunny days, and the 4200K as offering slightly more vivid colours.
  15. Thanks - I remember seeing these as well. Looks like they have quite a few models now: http://www.fisheye-jp.com/products/light/light.html Fisheye is also Japan's official Nauticam dealer / service centre, hence the products - but I definitely agree, most small Japanese companies are a little mysterious, even when you speak the language - they just seem to always do things their own way Recently there was some news on the Japanese UW grapevine of a new video RGBlue light aimed at professional productions, the RGBlue BlackBody (sic, ehrm...) VM2, said to give up to 20,000 lumen at either 4200K or 5000K, and all that for roughly 4,900 euros a piece: http://www.rgblue.jp/ja/products/blackbody/
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