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  1. I'm sure someone will post some photos, although vis wasn't great so I'm guessing only macro stuff will be very decent. I didn't take ANY photos because my housing is off being modified, so I was diving sans camera! :o First time in 5 years or so I've been on a dive without one - I felt practically naked! :chatterbox:


    I saw a 3-foot ling cod, and rather than just enjoy the moment, all I could do was think, "If I had my camera, I'd try to shoot him at this angle, etc..." Very sad, really.

    it's a very freeing experience to be in the water sans camera. you just kind of cross your arms, hang out and enjoy the scenery. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it when I did that on a couple of dives towards the end of a week long trip a while ago. I already had several hundred images from the trip and I wanted to just enjoy the scenary and collect the memories.

  2. Hey Eric - I'm out of town for the weekend at Mt Ranier but should be back early Sunday afternoon. I'll try to come by the meet and greet to say Hi since I haven't seen you for like 2 1/2 years. Lots has happened since Palau. Safe diving in the sound, hopefully you'll find some of our great octo's and wolf eels to capure. Rick and Banditos are great, I used to use them alot. Have fun out there.

  3. They filled a claim for me in January when my gear was stole.  Don't know their current status though.

    your gear was stolen??? :)


    I must have missed that post. sorry to hear about that but I'm glad insurance covered it for you. Did you get 100% replacement value?



  4. (shameless plug ?)


    Ok, some of you might know I'm a long time employee at Microsoft. Please don't boo me, it pays for my dive gear and great trips like the Digital Shootout in Palau. And we're really not as evil as some may think ;-)


    Anyway, I work on Messenger and Mail (fka Outlook Express) and was pleased to see the reintroduction of a feature called photo email . For many of you advanced users this is probably something you'll never (or rarely) use, but for many novice and some intermediate users this is a very cool and simple way to send your pictures via email without flooding your recipients with huge attachements. You can find a blog entry on Photo eMail here.


    I'm mentioning it here because at the shootout there were a number of people who were just getting into digital photography, let alone u/w photography, who were trying to work through simple things like getting the images from the camera to the computer and what to do with them once they're there. Photo email is a great way to send quick snaps of images to friends while centralizing the storage aspect of it (did I mention it's free) as well as providing simple tools to decorate and adjust your images if you're so inclined. For people who have no desire to ever have their own website or sign up for printing services that will host for you, this is a great alternative.


    Windows Live Desktop Mail is still in beta, but should be readily available "soon".



  5. A nice big housing with strobe arms between you and harm is desirable. I ended up with some pretty serious scratches on my dome from the business end of a tiger.

    yes, a housing is nice to have on the swim platform - and don't be afraid to drop it because you're only in 10-12 feet of water at Tiger Beach. I took the shot below moments before the tiger came up out of the water and landed in my lap. As I jumped back into the boat the next two shots were of bubbles and sky ;-)


    Definitely something I wont soon forget. But I still want to do another trip, maybe next year.




  6. I was shopping for some new bags at the local luggage store today and the clerk mentioned that if you have a bag clearly marked as "equipment" it is exempt from the airline weight limit. Has anyone ever heard this before? I pay overage fees on dive baggage every time I fly, she said dive gear, photo gear, golf clubs, just about anything that's "recreational equipment" or "photographic equipment" is exempt from the weight limit. Has anyone ever heard of this before?



  7. Hey Caper -


    Nce gallery, looks alot like mine :)


    I've got to agree with Dave, BC has some of the best diving in the world. We're lucky to have it only driving distance away - and a ferry ride. I'll be up at Hornby Island again for the annual sea lion dive in a couple of weeks.


    And Dave - love your Port Hardy gallery, really nice stuff.



  8. There was a link in someone's post here I read recently that had a pointer to photos and a short article on how to pack two roller carry on's with two complete u/w rigs. I've tried using search but there are too many hits. Does any know where to find this link or article on wetpixel?




  9. Rebreathers are wonderful machines. They enhance your diving experience in countless ways. As Cliff from Silent Diving is fond of saying, "they make you an ambassador of the sea, not just a visitor." That said, moving to rebreathers should not be taken lightly as there is significant training and expense involved. And you need to use them regularly not only for mechanical reasons but for keeping your training and skills fresh and relevant as well. If you're a diver who takes a tropical trip two of three times a year these aren't for you. Like going from wet suits to drysuits, going from open circuit to closed (or semi-closed) circuit completely changes the physics of how you dive, and you have to practice to get good at controlling it.


    If you're seriously interested in moving into this type of diving start talking to trainers who can teach on a variety of units to explain the pros and cons of each system. Talk to the trainers, not the sales people. Peter DenHaan(NAUI), Andrew Driver (MadDogExpeditions) and Tom Mount(IANTD) are three excellent examples of such folks. Of course there are others. Howard Hall has a number of articles on his web site about rebreathers from his early days with them to several close calls during extended diving activities. There are many rebreather options available today from a variety of vendors each claiming to be experts in their field. Consider that your "investment" doesn't end after the sale. The units need regular maintenance, supplies and special gas fills with 100% oxygen and diluents of either air or trimix. If you're thinking about deep technical diving you're talking a minimum of 75-100 dives before any technical agent will even sign you up for the tri-mix rebreather class.


    The best advice I can offer is to choose a unit you have confidence in that has been in production for at a least a year, if not longer, and one with a financially sound company behind it that will be in production 5 years down the road. Choose one that's not coming from a one or two man show that will fold if one of the partners suddenly disappears. The worst thing that could happen is you spend $10-15K on a unit and a year or two down the road you can no longer get parts for it. Get trained from an experienced trainer - and practice! If possible dive with other rebreather divers whenever possible.


    I'm not trying to scare anyone off, and you don't need to have "deep passions" to want to move to a rebreather. They are just as great at recreational depths as they are at technical depths. It just depends on what your diving goals are.

  10. I was searching the web for a housing for my EOS3, found UK Germany, searched for an info I could find on UK Germany 'cause I had never heard of them and found your personal site. I think then you had a D30 and were waiting for your D60 to arrive, you had it flown to Hawaii where you were there with Jim Watt. Anyway, your personal site had a link to Wetpixel and the rest, as they say, is history.

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