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  1. maybe you're not going to Cozumel this weekend? (re: Wilma)
  2. Ah yes, I remember it well. After the leaves fall from the trees it's time to get the snowblower tuned up and the cordwood ready for another 6 months of darkness I'd love to come back and say hi. My folks still live near Boston and I probably will be back in the next year or two. I'll look you up and we can laugh about the shark trip we did last April. Marty
  3. Beautiful images Larry, this is the time of year I miss living in New England.
  4. If the camera is in manual mode, the strobe should be in manual mode. Try setting the strobe to FULL or 1/2 power, then take test shots at every f stop you can set the camera to and examine the results for which is the best exposure for your setup. be sure to keep the rest of the camera settings the same and keep the same distance for all shots so you now the right exposure for that distance. You can repeat this at different distances to get a table of settings that work for you at specific strobe settings/f stops. Now you'll be prepared with a set of known good manual settings to use in a variety of scenes. Good luck.
  5. I have an Ikelite-to-Ikelite single strobe cord, brand new, never been in the water. This a spare I bought several years ago and just found it while unpacking some old stuff. I think the model is 4103, but there are no markings other than the black Ike Made in USA sleeve on one side. It was for an Ike Coolpix 990 housing w/ Substrobe 200 setup. Delrin cord connector included. $40 and it's yours, shipping included.
  6. I wonder if the button alignment might be closer for those of us with 10D housings.
  7. Substrobe DS-80? Ike, when can we get more info on this gem?
  8. Glad to hear all of you made it through safely. It's amazing there wasn't as much damage as all the forecasters were predicting. Amazing in a good way for a change. I always hear things like this come in threes, let's hope that's not the case with this year's gulf hurricanes.
  9. If you've ever been octopus diving in the pacific northwest, then check this out - http://www.filecabi.net/host/file/octopus-lover/wmv then read the truth behind what really happened here - http://www.nautilusexplorer.com/pages/page228.asp pretty neat video but typical "high drama" tv intepretation. Marty
  10. I saw the ad for next April's Digital Shootout in Palau at the end of the Bonaire report, but I can't find any info on where (shore based or liveaboard) or how much $. Has anyone found this posted anywhere yet? thanks, Marty
  11. why is it necessary to mount the camera without the lens on first? That seems to be very risky of getting debris on the mirror or sensor.
  12. I had the same problem with my FE2. I asked Mr Stepanic from Subal and he said to remove the o-ring before putting the cap on and it goes on/off very easily now. I just keep a little zip-loc bag with my kit, put the o-ring in that then put the bag inside the dome port to keep any residual silicone grease from the o-ring off the glass. Simple, but it works great. Marty
  13. Hey George! What resort were you at?
  14. Hey Larry! I've stayed at both Scuba Club and the Occidental Allegro. Scuba Club was MUCH more diver friendly in and out of the water, though their boat rides to the better southern destinations was longer. The Allegro was more of a resort that offered diving as an activity and their dive outfit treated you as someone who only dove once or twice a year. It was a bit frustrating when I just wanted to hang out and watch some of the macro life or wander along the other side of a coral head out of the divemaster's view. I would return to Scuba Club and recommend them to anyone asking. I cannot say the same about the Allegro. Marty
  15. Nope, I was on the March trip with Eric and James. I'm only asking because Bruce's photos are labeled June 2005. No worries, I was just curious and hoping it was a funny story and not something more serious. thanks.
  16. Hey Doug - were you on the trip that Bruce Yates (wp id:bmyates) was airlifted off the Shearwater? I'm sure there's a story there http://www.seattleyates.com/Bahamas%202005.htm The coast guardsman in Bruce's photo doesn't look too happy standing next to the bait coolers.
  17. http://www.cases4less.com/ is great online dealer for both Storm and Pelican.
  18. he, he. ya, 30 minutes if you stop and photograph every step what can I say, I was bored
  19. All the bits for the ReadyNAS arrived today. Less than 30 minutes to assemble. It's up and running, though it took almost 3 hours to initialize itself. I think it's worth the wait considering I save about $350 to put it together. It comes with some low end backup software from Genie-soft (?). I'll try that for a while until I find something better that won't break the bank. Oh, and a gigabit upgrade is on my list now too. photos on http://spaces.msn.com/members/martys/
  20. Heartiest congratulaitons and best wishes James & Sarah. Best of luck on your newest "joint venture". Marty.
  21. A couple of notes on the viewer. the one below is the full boat install which includes .Net framework 1.1. If you already have .Net framework installed (like from Office) you can download a Lite package that's "only" 6-7MB. Also, there is a bug in this viewer that locks up if you use it to view tiff files. Be sure to turn off tiff viewing when you install it. here's a note from Tim Grey on the viewer - Shortly after posting the Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer, Microsoft discovered an issue that may cause unexpected file locks to occur with TIFF files. If you have already installed the RAW Image Viewer (available from the new Pro Photo section of Microsoft.com at http://www.microsoft.com/prophoto/), there is an easy work-around for this, and it is not necessary to re-install the software: 1. Click on the 'Options' button in the RAW Viewer. Then clear the checkbox for 'Render thumbnails for Canon RAW TIFF images' and close the Viewer. This will restore Windows default thumbnailing for TIFF files. 2. Then, to clear any file locks, simply log off and log back onto your PC. After doing this you should not see any TIFF file locking issues. On Monday June 20, we posted a refresh release to Microsoft.com that disables this feature by default, so users installing the new version should not see this. We will have a more comprehensive fix for this in a future update.
  22. Ah, I see. Your primary machine is already fault tolerant. I'm going to use my ReadyNAS for additional storage within my home network for multiple pc's as well as backup for my primary machine as it's drive space is not fault tolerant. I think I got a good deal compared to the COBA deal. I got a bare bones ReadyNAS 600 for $599 from ATACOM and 4x250GB Seagates from Monarch Computers for $109ea with free shipping. Thanks again for the recommendation.
  23. The Infrant system looks pretty nice, I just ordered one with 4x250GB Seagates. So why don't you RAID 5 the backup server? thanks for the recommendation!
  24. Has anyone tried using the Mirra Personal Server products? Looks like a simple little device, but is limited in that it only does backup. You can't use it for shared music storage, for instance. And there's no disk redundancy, if it crashes it's toast. I'd like to setup some kind of personal home network server with RAID redundancy to backup my images, centralize music storage, etc. in case my primary machine crashes. I already have redundant drives in the machine plus a 200GB outboard drive, but unless I remember to copy over my My Documents folder regularly the back ups can get stale. What's everyone else doing to protect your valuable data?
  25. Thanks Eric! My mug is on its way I would love to see one of those wetpixel thongs...
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