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  1. I totally agree. CafePress will make nice mugs or shirts with current artwork. What do you say Eric, can you set it up ?
  2. I have the C10 housing for the 10D, I believe the focus knob is the same on the C20 for the 20D. The focus/zoom knob is on the front left of the housing, not on the port. I have the zoom ring for my 100mm macro and it works just fine, but you do need to a good steady foothold to use it effectively. btw - check out the post by BradDB regarding his experience with one of the first C20's a couple of months ago. It includes some great up close photos of the housing.
  3. not to start a semantics war, but wasn't Shadow Divers about Chatterton and Kohler's search to identify the U869, one of Hitler's Lost Subs off the coast of NJ? And regarding the Andria Doria, it's been salvaged for years, and very publicly. What's wrong with collecting some dishes and silverware? It's not like these guys took personal belongings from those lost in the wreck. And I agree that salvaging for profit (ebay) from sea graves is fundamentaly wrong, but I didn't see anything in any of the articles that said that's what these guys were doing. On the contrary, they were salvaging to put the articles on display in a museum.
  4. Feds bust Boston Sea Rovers for stealing artifacts, robbing gravesite ... It's amazing to me how one sided this article is, especially from a diving focused "publication". Comparing these treasure hunters to ingnorant local fishermen who destroy reefs with dynamite is just ludacrous.
  5. very nice house James, congrats on being a land owner! do you have a dedicated "wet" room for all your gear yet? Marty.
  6. sorry to change the subject, but any hints from Subaquatic as to the cause of the flood? I've got about 100 dives on my C10 and have never had a drop of water in it and have seen numerous positive reports on here about Subals in general. I'm just trying to see if the cause of the flood is something that should be added to my assembly checklist in the future. thx.
  7. Here I am drinking margaritas on the bus to La Paz from Cabo last year. I think margaritas should be provided on all forms of public transportation
  8. try Cases4Less.com. I think I heard about them from Eric a couple of years ago and bought my stormcase 2500 from them.
  9. While Eric and James were the shark cuddling masters for the trip, Gadi and I also received unexpected shark company on the swim step. Here's a shot I got moments before this little guy ended up in my lap. The next shot in sequence is of the sky as we backpeddled off the step quicker then we thought was possible ;-) All in all, it was great fun!
  10. For the last five years I've been traveling to Hornby Island, BC to dive and play with the Stellar sea lions that migrate there during the winter months to wait to feed on the annual herring spawn. They are an incredibly friendly bunch who are accustomed to divers visiting and interacting with them. This year we ran into one special pup who appeared to be "instrumented" ... Turns out the blue headed guy I ran into on Hornby was one of twelve instrumented animals that are part of this year's study on foraging behaviors. Peter Olesiuk from the Dept of Fisheries and Oceans generously gave his time to explain the details of the study to me by email. Each of the units records different telemetry data at 10 second intervals. The head unit records GPS data, the tail unit record depth and time while the middle unit records eating behavior by monitoring the stomach for changes in temperature. Each of the twelve sea lions have different colored units, so when the unit is eventually released and recovered the biologists know which one it came from. I have found the information on the behaviors and travel patterns of these guys so interesting from Peter's study that it makes you look at sea lions in the water in a whole new way, curious how long they've been at their current site and how far they've traveled in the last few months. The full context of Peter Olesiuk's combined mail thread on the study, additional images and a satellite map of the locations recorded from the sea lions can be found here.
  11. like you said, better late than never ;-)
  12. did Canon adjust the lens or the camera? or both? thanks.
  13. there's one full kit up there for $2000 that didn't sell. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...3872671112&rd=1 you can probably contact the guy and get a decent price on it. I have one too I want to sell and am pretty discouraged at how little they're selling for. :-( Marty
  14. yet another terrific EF-S lens to stick it to us non-EF-S mount Canon owners
  15. very nice. congratualtions on your new housing. what do you think about the new viewfinder? were you able to do a side by side comparison with the old style viewfinder? thanks, Marty
  16. I started using the "*" button on my last trip to the Sea of Cortez. It took a little bit to get used to, but now I think it's the only way to go (for me). Using it with my 17-35/f2.8 shooting sea lions was great. The first time I tried without it I couldn't get the camera to focus quick enough or hold focus, it would hunt "a bit". Not much, but when sea lions are zooming by, "a bit" is often too much. By prefocusing with "*" button to a point 5-10 ft in front of me and just waiting for the sea lions to fly by I got several well focused images - in addition to some not so much, but that's what the delete button is for ;-)
  17. I can hardly wait for the Bahamas trip! I've been thinking of getting the 12-24 so would be interested in some progress reports on your experiences with it in the coming weeks. Marty.
  18. I wonder if the new small lever controls the 20D's multi-controller? the one button on the back is marked with the "*" decal as already mentioned. there are no other controls on the right side of the body that would make sense with the new lever's location.
  19. ahh, the insanity plea is always good out ;-)
  20. not so fast Matt. the upper controls already line up as do the main dial and half the back buttons are close to the 10D's locations. The new multiway controller is obviously a problem, but really the only button I would want for sure to work is the info and the play buttons. And possible the '*' button for CF4 focusing. I'm quite happy with the 10D as it is in the current C10 housing. 6Mpix vs 8Mpix doens't make a noticible difference for my use, the only thing that really bums me out is that the 10D isn't EF-S compatible and so I can't take advantage of the 10-22EF-S lens.
  21. re: cropping and macros. I totally agree with you Bill, throwing away pixels is not desirable, and it's not something I do in gross amounts often - but it is an option if I feel the final composition is better served by eliminating distracting elements around the periphery of the image. so now we're into personal preference. neither is right or wrong, it's what gives you the most pleasure from your work. I have the 100mm USM macro as well and while I use it rarely, the results are always beautiful. and I like the extra distance I can get from the subject with this lens. my typical dive weekend arsenal is the 15mm fisheye, 17-35/2.8L, and the 50mm macro. I like the 17-35 in warmer waters where I can pull back, but here in the cold dark northwest the 15mm is what gets used the most so I can get close and get more light on my subjects. For weeklong trips I bring the 100mm as I'll probably only use it on 1 or 2 dives the whole week. Marty
  22. re: 20D in a Subal C10 housing - I'm hoping someone can confirm if this will really work or not. I've emailed Subal asking as much and they have not answered my questions. I'd like to try one of the 20D's before the Wetpixel Shark trip in March. Even if I had to buy a replacement backplate it would be cheaper than buying a completely new housing (which I'm not prepared to do). btw - has anyone else noticed the price of Subal housings has increased significantly since last summer? Is this the result of the falling US$ ??
  23. Thanks Will. I see your point - I guess, if your photography calls for large images on a regular basis. But I've always considered post-processing on the computer, including cropping, no different then darkroom work in the film world. With my 10D, I've done 50% crops with pretty good results up to 8x10. However, considering that of the 1000's of images I shoot, a few 100 end up on a web site and maybe 5-10% of those actually get printed I don't think filling the frame is a prerequisite to good results. Certainly you get potentially better results, but that's not to say cropped results are of poor quality. The other point to my question is why is the Sigma lens a better lens? Is it the f/45 you get, or is the glass of higher quality? Given two identical compositions side by side, is the Signma lens in fact a better lens and why? I've heard from multiple people that the Sigma focus is slower and less accurate in low light conditions, but there is a new EX DG version and I'm wondering if they have addressed those problems.
  24. forgive me because I haven't used the Sigma lens, but why is 1:1 such a big deal at that focal length? In order to get 1:1 with a 50mm you have to be like 4 inches from the subject which is nearly impossible in a housing behind a flat port. And why is the Sigma "just nicer to use"? And isn't that what digital's all about? if you want a closer framing you can crop the original to whatever ratio works best for the image. Marty
  25. Beautiful shots Matt! Not just the exposures but great eye for composition as well. Great job! I love the last jelly shot as well. Marty
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