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  1. Rumblings from where, dpreview?? and where did you get that version number of 1.3? the current version of PSCS is 8.0. I tend to agree with anthp, it will be a couple of years before you see a major update to PSCS, the current version is barely a year old.
  2. I hate these shots - they're AWESOME ! Damn Canon for not making this lens compatible with the 10D :evil:
  3. Eric turned me on to this discount place for hard cases. I bought a Storm case from them and have not heard of anyone having any problems with them. http://www.cases4less.com/ Marty
  4. I've just returned from a week in the Sea of Cortez. I was on the Nautilus Explorer which works in conjunction with Baja Expeditions. The Nautilus is a first class Canadian dive boat that has just started to winter in La Paz. It easily handles weather that sends most boats back to port. The seas kicked up for a couple of days while there but the Nautilus was able to continue into areas the Don Jose could not. The weather was excellent every day, the water temp 80-82F every day. As I said, the first few days were a little choppy, but the end of the week was excellent. Liveaboards are definitely the way to go here. The premium dive sites are 1-2 hours from land based operations, and some of the sites we went to none of the day boats go to. You definitely want to go in the Sep/Oct/Nov timeframe. Spring time the water is "cold" and green and the summer temps are in the 100's most days. Here's a link to a gallery of some pics I took last week. Marty
  5. Just back from a week in La Paz on board the Nautilus Explorer (highly recommended btw). Images are a mix of WA and macro/close ups using 15mm fisheye, 17-35/f2.8 and 50mm macro Canon lenses. Shiney silver fish are certainly a challenge to light without blowing them out! http://www.martysteinberg.com/NautilusNov0...LaPaz/index.htm
  6. can anyone recommend a reliable/reputable travel insurance company? thanks, Marty
  7. so I'm just back from a nice week in the Sea of Cortez. about half way through the week some of the buttons on the back of my Subal C10 started sticking and I couldn't use them underwater. I soaked the unit in fresh water after every dive but it didn't seem to help. Does anyone know if the buttons on the back of the housing are user serviceable? Hopefully they just need to be soaked in vinegar or something. also, what's a good/safe lube to use on these plastic buttons? thanks, Marty
  8. here's an update I received from DiveTech & Cobalt Coast Resorts today -
  9. I believe you're right Alex. I got a very nice reply from Simon Rogerson, the editor of Dive magazine who told me there were several images from Mr. Snyderman in this month's issue. He also said if it turns out there were any images of mine in there they would prompty send me some compensation (I didn't even ask for it). I've asked my friend who sent me the original note to recheck the credits - not the I mind being confused with Marty Snyderman... but I wouldn't want to dampen his reputation at all ;-) I just wish I could find a copy of Dive magazine somewhere in the US.
  10. In principle I agree with you, but I'm in the US and they're in the UK and there's one big ocean between us. Let me see if they're even my images or not then I'll decide what to do. Maybe a free year's subscription? but thanks for you support ;-)
  11. A dive buddy of mine in the UK tells me some of my images have been published in the current issue, the one with the rebreather special feature in it. I wasn't aware of this, but hey, good for me I guess. My dilema is I can't find this UK publication in the US. Would anyone in the UK be able to take a look and see if there are any images credited to me in the current edition? If so I'd like to get a few copies mailed to me and I would gladly reimbursh anyone kind enough to help me out. thanks alot, Marty
  12. Thank goodness there are some strong building there aside from the banks ;-) It's amazing the human losses aren't higher. I noticed Sunset House just updated their website and said they will be undergoing reconstruction for the next 6-8 weeks. Marty
  13. I've been printing and framing a lot lately. I try to use a flat black frame and double mat with a white mat over a black mat with a white core. It adds depth and a simple classical look that won't clash with any wall color.
  14. So I'm using Breezebrowser for quicky scanning my ever growing collection of images that I've catagorized into directories by date and location, but I'm quickly reaching a point where I'm starting to print collections of, say, anemones or sea stars or nudibranchs or ... you get the idea. So what are good, flexible, scalable Windows apps that provide good cataloging without forcing me to abandon the browsing and editing apps I already like to use and work well for me? I'm looking for something that will allow me to enter and search on multiple keywords, capture dates and or location data. thanks, Marty
  15. This may be an oversimplification, but does anyone think stuffing a 20D into a 10D housing would be as simple as getting an updated replacement back for the housing?
  16. Ah, that explains why I haven't seen condensation before. Thanks Giles!
  17. I dive in some pretty cold water and have never seen condensation inside my Subal or LMI Tetra housing. I've owned Ikelite, UK Germany, LMI and now Subal. There's no doubt Ike has the best service around and makes great housings for the money, but you should also look at the ports. Optical glass ports vs plastic ports. Glass ports tend to be less likely to exhibit chromatic aberrations or flare. Not to say plastic ports don't let you capture beautiful images, because they do. However, they tend to lose performance slightly when pushed into extreme subject conditions like shooting into sunbursts. I think both housings are good housings. Ike wins on service and the fact that it's made in USA. Subal wins on toughenss (alum vs plastic) and optical glass ports. You'll get great results from both. Bottom line is you should buy something that you won't second guess after get it. Marty.
  18. Nice shots! Very well composed and exposed. Which dive sites had such beautiful kelp forests?
  19. are there any sites that describe what these user mods are? thanks, Marty
  20. I'm still bummed I had to cancel this year. :-( Would love to get on this one next year if there's still space available. No training trips next year, I promise! Marty
  21. why hasn't anyone mentioned Cozumel? Yes, technically it's not Caribbean but Mexico, but it's the Caribbean side of Mexico :-) I've been to both the west side of Grand Cayman and Cozumel and while surface activities in Cayman are more pleasent, I experienced better diving in Cozumel. The marine life is more pervasive, the reefs are like carpets of color, especially the southern reefs and the fish life is thick and rich.
  22. Wow, I've never had any problems with mine sitting flush. Have you checked the rubber donut around the back dial to make sure it's seated all the way down? Have you tried diving the housing empty to see if the o-ring seals are in fact good? Everyone who has ever posted feedback on here with a Subal C10 has only had great success with theirs. One other thing I just remembered. You know the little circuit board that has the battery on it that's taped to the inside of your housing? Mine has been coming off for a while. make sure that's not sliding in front of your camera body preventing it from going all the way in. Oh, and the zoom gear. Just wiggle it on slowly, it will get there - just be patient. You'll have to experiement as to which way is forward and how far up the barrel to push it so it lines up with the inside gear. Just play with it without a port attached so you can see the gear and it's alignement. Marty
  23. The only "study" that matters is your own. If it makes you feel warmer than it's a miracle gas. Typically those who say there's no difference are those who are not using it. You get similar responses about dry gloves from people who dive with wet gloves. I've been using argon for years here in the northwest, where the average water temperature is in the low 50s in summer and mid to high 40's in winter. The inside of your drysuit is anywhere from 60-65 degress, so a 10% improvement will give you 65-70 degress. The difference is easily noticible in these conditions. Perhaps in warmer drysuit climates where the water is already in the mid-60's it's less noticible, but up here where there's a 45-50 degree difference in water temp and body temp there's no question about its effectiveness. I've also been on charter boats up in BC that offer argon rentals and have never seen anyone give it back saying they couldn't tell the difference. No studies, no blind tests, just real data from real users.
  24. Also, I'm not sure where you got this from. The Taxi rates are standardized, and earlier this year the Taxi fare from the Fiesta and El Presedente area to Downtown was $5.00. Dave I stayed at the Allegro last November and it was in fact $20 each way downtown. That was the standard rate no matter which cab you got into. And being on the sourthern end of the island, the ride between Allegro and downtown were 20 of the scariest minutes I've every had ;-)
  25. check this out - saymail.sympatico.ca it animates a still picture by defining the eyes, mouth points and head boundaries. I did it with my dog, I'm going to try a fish and see how it works. this is hilarious. Marty
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