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  1. Here is the reply from Subal - The circuit board provides 4 sockets (two left side and two right side). For manual strobe application the cables coming from the bulkheads have to be plugged to the outside (left and right) located sockets. These sockets are providing 3 pins only for manual strobe mode. A.Stepanek SUBAL austria A.Stepanek GmbH. Leopold Werndlstr. 31 A - 4400 Steyr The bulkhead connectors definitely have only 3 pins in them. Maybe because Subal doesn't make a housing for the 550EX they don't even give you the option in the bulkhead. So if a TTL strobe ever did come out for Canon it looks like I would need to upgrade the bulkhead connectors. In summary, I'm not worried about it since it seems to work well in manual. Marty
  2. Doh! So here's one from "you should try it first before asking dumb questions". I finally connected everything up tonight and noticed the Subal's nikonos bulkheads have on 3 pins in them instead of the usual 5. Hooked everything up, set it all on manual and everything seems to be working as expected.
  3. yes, there are two connectors on the board inside the housing that the bulkhead connectors can be attached to. but there is nothing in the booklet that came with the housing that says one is for TTL and one is not, nor are there any markings on the board itself. If in fact that's why there are two connectors, that would be terrific. I'll have to send off an email to Subal and ask them if that's what they're for. thanks a lot!
  4. I've just upgraded from a Tetra 5000 to a Subal C10. I have 3 or 4 Ike TTL sync cords (duals and singles) I used with my DS125s in the Tetra. I know in order to use the DS125s in manual with the Canon 10D I need to not connect the lower 4 pins from the Canon's hotshoe. Ike's website says to either tape the contacts with electrical tape or buy a non-TTL sync cord. Since there's nothing wrong with the sync cords I have, I'd like to try and not connect the hotshoe contacts. Here's my question - I remember reading here a while ago that taping hotshoe contacts may leave tape glue on the contacts causing improper firing when a Canon strobe, like the 550EX, is used topside. I've also read in Stephen Frink's 1Ds field journal how he removed several pins from the hotshoe adapter in his Seacam housing. Removing the pins from the hotshoe adapter seems to be the cleanest solution, is this a simple procedure for a Subal housing without damaging the entire adapter? Has anyone other than Stephen done this successfully? thanks, Marty
  5. It's finally here! My Subal C10 arrived today along with a FP75/3 flat port for the Canon 50mm & 100mm macros, FE2 dome port for the Canon 15mm fisheye and an extension ring and zoom gear to use my Canon 17-35/f2.8L in the FE2 as well. What a beautiful work of craftsmanship this piece is. I can't wait to get this into the water Anyone want to buy a 1 year old Tetra 5000? :wink:
  6. What's a good rule of thumb for selling used u/w photo gear? Is it half of list? A little more or less depending on condition?
  7. martys

    DEMA 2003 report

    where's the DEMA 2003 report from the old site? Looking under Features->Show Reports I find the Dema reports from 2000, 2001 and 2002 but not the one you guys did in Miami last year.
  8. the $4700 is for the complete system - housing, ports and extensions - not just the housing. The housing alone is $2900, but the ports are what really drive the cost up. The flat port for macro is $185 but the fish eye port is $1100. add to that extension tubes and zoom ring gears and it adds up. Also, consider that while the 10D body is $1400, throw on a $1400 16-35L lens and you have a considerable investment in your hands that is risking total loss in the event of a flood. I'm not saying this justifies the higher cost of the Subal, believe me I looked around at everything currently available and just feel the Subal is getting the most positive reviews from everyone shooting housed Canon cameras today. Aside from the cost, I haven't seen anything "bad" about the housing. Subal is a well established company with strong US presence in every major underwater camera retailer. You get easy US support through these retailers and service is easily available. Something which cannot be said for many of the european housing vendors when it comes to their US customers.
  9. My C10 is finally on its way. I should have it by this weekend, now if I can just find the time to get in the water ;-)
  10. I know the new wetpixel is cool and wizzy, but I miss the old one. I knew how to navigate around and set my profile options and track the topics and people that were interesting to me. I guess if one thing is constant in this world it's change.
  11. I met Jenny from Reef & Rainforest last Novemeber and she's totally first class. She specializes in South Pacific regions and tries to stay away from the Carribean because "it's overdone" by all the other agents. Marty
  12. It's interesting that the reviewer in the article liked the DS125 the least and it's not even mentioned in his conclusions on the last page.
  13. I currently have two DS125s I shoot with my LMI Tetra 5000 and am about to buy a Subal housing for my 10D. I've noticed some folks have switched over from the DS125 to the Inon Z220. What are the advantages of the Z220 that would justify switching over? I know it uses regular AA batteries, the unit seems phycially smaller than the DS125 and the controls are all on the back instead of the side like the Ike. Reading most of the feedback from those who are shooting the Subal C10, I noticed all are shooting in manual mode and simply set the strobe power to 1/2 or 1/4 and just adjust the aperature for exposure control. I know on my Tetra system I use the ROC controllers a lot. But when I move to the Subal I'll have to adjust the strobes directly which seems less optimal then simply adjusting the aperature while marine life is moving along. So is there a real advantage to having 11 steps of exposure control on the Z220, would you actually use that many? I suspect not, unless you have a stationary object and have the time and water clarity to actually shoot 5-10 exposures at various flash settings. I'm rambling ... just let me know if any of you have found a real advantage to the Inons. thanks, Marty
  14. I registered mine yesterday too. It's very easy to use! I haven't found a way to write to DVDs directly though. The quality of the VCDs is horrible. For now I use the Create Video option, select DVD format and render an mpg file to the hard drive. Then I burn that file to DVD using Roxio DVD builder. This seems to work well and I can just import multiple mpg's assigned to seperate DVD menu items to show slideshows independently. Now if I could just stream these across the web ....
  15. I've read from several folks posting here that they are able to post process the barrel distoration created with fisheye and ultrawide (weitwinkel) angle lenses. I've looked through photoshop 7 and just installed photoshop cs and can't find any filters or transforms that allow you to unbend the sides of the image. for those who know how to do this, are you using a 3rd party plug-in or is there some basic ps commands I'm just missing? thanks, Marty
  16. The new PCPhoto Magazine (Jan '04) has a several sections on the latest in digital slideshows. They mention ProShow Gold and several other software packages, compare VCD to DVD slideshows, web based and email slideshows as well as reviews on digital projectors for in home slideshows direct from your laptop. PCPhoto Magazine Jan '04
  17. hmmm... considering two prominent US dealers are saying wait until PMA I wonder what they already know that we mere consumers must wait for I can hardly wait
  18. but Stephen, even if Canon announced today a killer new DSLR body at the right price point with availability in 30 days, it still wound be 3-6 months (next summer) before there was a housing available for it. if you were to always wait for the next great camera/housing/whatever you'd never buy one becasue there is always the next great thing right around the corner. if you want to shoot digital underwater today there are ample really good DSLR bodies and housing on the market today. I would bet that anyone investing in a DSLR rig today would still be using it 2-3 years from now just because the investment is not small and the usable life of these rigs is many, many years when well cared for.
  19. - never mind, user error - :freak:
  20. When I was in Cozumel last month I was the only one on the boat with some kind of a fully housed still camera and strobes. There was an occasional diver with a video camera (without lights), but the few others with cameras were the plastic case, no strobe little Canon or Olympus p+s style. I would estimate less than 10% of the divers I was with for the week had any kind of u/w camera. I think the difference is that many people who go on vacation to dive, dive only on vacation and aren't hard core divers/photographers addicted to year-round diving and photography the way most of the Wetpixel audience is. If you look at Eric's d-camera poll in Wakatobi, I would say that most folks there are quite dedicated to diving and photography to travel so far to enjoy such a rich marine environment. But places like the Virgin Islands, Bahamas and much of the Carribean are get-a-way destinations for vacationers who like to dive, vs divers on vacation. By comparison, the ratio of divers to cameras in the cold waters of British Columbia is much higher than any tropical trip I've been on. People don't come up here for a refreshing dip in 42 degree water, they come up to dive and photograph the rich marine life that thrives in the current swept walls and pinacles. I haven't been to Cocos or the Galapagos, but I bet the same is true on those trips as they are frequented by the more hard core divers vs the simple warm weather vacationers.
  21. I caught this show last night, it was very good. While the event itself is very sad, the technology, determination and manpower that went into raising the ship from 2000fsw was amazing. Thanks for recommendation James. Marty.
  22. I took Eric's suggestion of a StormCase 2500 for camera gear and added a backpack style computer case for my laptop, logbook, dive computer and a day's change of clothes in case my checked bags gets lost. I also keep my prescription mask in my backpack. For checked bags I used zip ties instead of locks. My dive gear bag was opend for inspecting and resealed by TSA every time, but my clothing bag wasn't opened once. Insurance is also a really good idea. Airlines will only pay you a fraction of what your gear is worth if anything happens to it. I actually read one of their baggage info sites recently that told you not to travel with items worth more than $2500 period. That pretty much rules out most camera rigs and, for me, the rebreather. I had the Dan insurance through H2O insurance last year, it's a bit on the pricy side. I sent the same list of gear to my homeowner's agent and their quote was less then half for world wide, all-loss coverage for any reason. If you're a homeowner, check with your insurance agent before signing up for dedicated dive insurance. I didn't renew with H2O this year and switched everything over to my homeowners.
  23. Darn! Just when I thought I had my order figured out you come burst my perverbial bubble Can you send a link with a sample from the two ports using full size images? I don't mind the size if they're large but I'd like to see how obvious the difference is if possible. thanks, Marty
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