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  1. I've been using Backscatter in Monterey for years for my Nikonos annual service and repairs. They're excellent. Marty
  2. I have some of these, (REI sells them), my wife uses them in her boots and dry gloves. I thought of putting one in the housing but was affraid I might get fogging on the inside of the lens from the temperature differential.
  3. I've tried 5 minutes and 1 minute auto off. also switched between continuous auto focus on and off. I'm also using a 1GB microdrive which some say sucks battery power, but I'm skeptical. I've seen little difference in changing any of these settings wrt to extending battery life. I do like shooting w/continuous focus on, it really helps reduce shutter lag. If this weekend clears out I'm going to try it w/256MB CF to see if there's any difference in time to shutdown. I'm shooting mine in a Light & Motion Tetra 5000 housing w dual Ikelite DS125s. I've only had it since Christmas so I'm still experimenting with settings for cold water. I'm heading up to BC next week for a 4 day boat trip and this is the only camera I'm taking - but with 3 batteries B) I also want to try using a 2CR5 lithium battery instead of the NiMH rechargables to see which performs better in the cold. I think the 2CR5 will, but am not sure. Anyone have experience with batteries in a cold environment that would know for sure? Marty
  4. ok, I completely agree the 5700 is terrible for wide angle in general. I'm not sure what nikon was thinking with this camera, although the native long zoom would be nice if you're on a boat and want to capture stuff not too far away like sea lions or whales (or divers surfacing ) maybe they were thinking people would buy both to 5000 (for close ups) and the 5700 for its zoom. what a stupid idea, never mind. I hope they replace the 5000 with something in the same class/size. it really is a nice grab camera. I might buy a second one as a backup if they get really cheap if they're really about to be discontinued. Marty
  5. you won't get two dives from a CP5000 on a single battery. you just better plan on changing the battery, or only using it on one dive at a time. I dove mine in Cayman and got about 70 minutes out of it before it shut down. Here in the Puget Sound and up in BC it will shut down in 10-15 minutes. The anemic 800ma battery this camera uses is terrible and no one has come out with a higher capacity battery for it yet. and the external battery packs don't fit in the housing. that said, I have found that even once the camera shuts down, if you push the shutter button it will continue to power up for about another 30 minutes before it's totally lifeless. after the first time the camera shuts down, it shuts down after every exposure. The best I've gotten up here is 45 minutes in 46 degree water using this method. if you want to shoot this camrea up here, you've really got to change the way you shoot to plan on taking your time on every shot. Catching images of speeding sea life swimming by is difficult, but not impossible. Given all this, I'll still shoot the CP5000 before I shoot my Nikonos for a while :-)
  6. why do you think the 5000 has a lousy lens for u/w use? sure it's not an SLR, but in the Light and Motion housing with a wetmate w/a adapter I can get 2 inches from the subject. wide angle shots are clear and consistent as are macro shots. I think the 5000 is as good as any other compact digital camera in a housing. I've had mine for over a year and its been great for what it is. It's not a D100 or D60, but it costs 1/3 of what a DSLR costs, is 1/3 the weight/bulk to travel with and I can still print 13x19 prints that are good enough to mount and frame. too bad the housing cost twice what the camera cost! B)
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