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  1. All items sold on another venue. thanks for looking.
  2. Three Nikonos SB 105 strobes, two with Ultralight ball mounts & diffusers $120 each. One without ball mount & diffusers $90. All in good working order, clean connectors and battery compartment. Two double Nikonos Cables, good condition. $40 each One single Nikonos Cables, good condition. $30 Two Ansmann Powerline 4 battery chargers for 4 AA NiMH batteries. $20 each. Would still be using all equipment but had to give up diving recently for medical reasons. All offers considered.
  3. Lots of good ideas here. After looking at them all I have remade my rope handle to be a little shorter so it won't swing as much. Also changed the knots to a figure eight although I really didn't know what that was but found a explanation by googling it. I liked Jim's handle but as my housing is a little heavier I decided to stick to the top of the handles and leave the rope permanently installed during a dive, one less dangling item. Finally going diving Friday so I will get a chance to see how it works. Thanks Dave
  4. Was this plastic you found at Lowes precut flat stock or ? Thanks Dave
  5. I made some diffusers out of milk container material and they were about 1/2 stop. I was wondering how much ones made of material like the Nikonos 105 diffusers reduce the output? Thanks Dave
  6. Thanks for the ideas. I tried to search out prior posts on the subject but no luck. At the moment I am going to try looping a yellow rope thru the top of each handle installed permantly with a number of tie warps and tape (no clips) so the loop sticks up above the housing like a handle. I will insert an image when I am done. Dave
  7. I am looking for a good way to make it easier for the boat crew to lift my housing out of the water. I have seen others with a rope rigged between the strobe arms. Is there a product like that or does everyone make their own? If so is there some best clip to use? I am thinking about tieing a piece of rope on one side with a sturdy clip on the other side, but am not real good about weaving rope. Dave
  8. I have a DM4200 digital light meter for sale which is in like new condition with the original box. The meter was checked and serviced Sept 06 by Ikelite. Only used on one dive trip, three dives since then. Asking $175 plus cost of shipping. This isn't listed on eBay yet but I do have a number of other dive and UW photography items for sale already on listed on eBay. Take a look http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdandive Dave As of today Sat Dec 9th this item will be listed on ebay at a lower starting bid with no reserve. Thanks for looking.
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