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  1. Guys, I recently did the Beqa shark dive. Excellent! One of their 'resident' tigers paid a visit... Take a look here...
  2. Hmmm. You're right. I just looked at them on another monitor (LCD). Looks like I need to recalibrate my CRT monitor, or get a new one! Brook
  3. I just got back from Fiji. It's becoming my home away from home. This made it 9 times in 10 years! Anyway, despite terrible weather, we had the usual great time. Perhaps the only disappointment in the water was that the shark feeding dive was cancelled due to bad visibility. They've been attracting a 14 foot tiger to the feeds in recent months, too. Oh well. Perhaps my favourite photo of the dive was of a pair of anemone fish who were jealously guarding a clutch of eggs. Apart from that I was quite happy with my wide angle shots, given the lack of decent available light. Hope you like them. Beqa Lagoon September 2005
  4. I shot this at Jervis Bay, SE Australia earlier this year. Anybody know what it is? The hole is about 10 mm in diameter. Brook
  5. I have a single YS90DX. I think I shot it near to full power. The sea dragon was about 10 inches long. I suppose he must have only been about 8-10 inches from the dome port at the time. On my previous attempt at this shot I had used spot focus and was unable to get focus on the subject. This time I experimented with two approaches. 1. Use the 'Closest Subject' focus setting. 2. Focus on a rock from about 8" and then flick over to manual focus and shoot the sea dragon by estimating subject distance. This works due to the large DOF of the 15mm. Both approaches worked well. This particular picture was taken using second approach. Brook
  6. For the last couple of saturdays I've been practicing wide angle with my brand new D70/Ike housing/Sigma 15mm FE lens. I've been pretty impressed with some of the sunball/sunburst shots on this thread so I thought I'd have a go. I was at about 9 metres at the time. Settings for the shot were 1/1000th and f/13. Admittedly, this was only on a shore dive in the southern suburbs of Sydney, so the water clarity isn't fantastic at about 8m. Still, I'm encouraged by the results. I think if I try again in shallower water and close down the aperture even further I should be able to get some nice 'fingers of light' around the sea dragon. I had previously tried this shot with my C-5050 and got pretty ordinary results.
  7. Hmm. Speaking of timing, looks like I've duplicated a question that was asked only this morning. :oops: In any case, in order to distinguish myself from the other topic, perhaps I could get some feedback specifically from D70/Ikelite housing owners. Brook
  8. My D70 with 60mm Macro lens arrived today. Woohoo! So did my Ikelite housing! Perfect timing! I ordered the Ikelite flat port - 5505 (autofocus only). Now I've played with the camera a bit tonight I wonder if I should have got the 5506 (MF only) port. This lens does hunt an awful lot in low (ie. indoors) light. So, my question to all you Nikkor 60mm macro lens owners is this: do you find that you shoot more in AF mode or MF? Or is it just a case of using a modeling light? With my previous camera I found that lots of shy critters were not very happy with having 50 watts blasted in their general direction...
  9. Hey James, I dove Somo Somo in the first week of March. I'm almost certain that I shot that exact same leaf fish over 2 months ago! At the top of the White Wall, right? Brook
  10. If you enable Slave flash mode on the C-5060 it will fire even in Super-Macro mode. I have a Sea and Sea YS90DX strobe with a fibre-optic cable. It works really well, even in supermacro mode. In practice, I do most of my shooting in macro mode, only going to supermacro mode for things like nudibranchs. If you're keen on macro then a good investment to go with the PT-020 is the Inon wet macro lens (UCL-165), which screws on the front of the PT-020. It increases magnification, and it lets you get a lot closer than you could with just macro or supermacro mode. Hope this helps, Brook
  11. They like to sit on the sand. They're about 6-8" long. They have a black spot on their tail. What do you call them?
  12. Last one. My favourite silly grin!
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