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  1. Anybody know what produces these kind of eggs?

    Cozumel, August, 20 feet, Sand w/ sea grasses & algae

    Eggs attaches to algae

    Depth of egg casings around 1/2 inch by maybe 3-4 inches across

    Individual casings appear to contain tiny round eggs

    Overall appearance is similar to a wasp nest




    Bud Barrpost-800-0-71553900-1535810143_thumb.jpg

  2. My wife and I were diving in Bonaire in January and we kept finding these spider web looking structures in coral heads. They were quite common as we saw them on almost every dive both day and night. The web seems very strong and must be somewhat sticky as I saw a squat anemone shrimp stuck in one.




    The Things Web by Bud Barr, on Flickr



    The Things Web1 by Bud Barr, on Flickr


    After what seemed like endless searching, we finally got a look at what is down there.




    The Thing by Bud Barr, on Flickr



    The Thing2 by Bud Barr, on Flickr



    The Thing5 by Bud Barr, on Flickr



    The Thing12 by Bud Barr, on Flickr



    The Thing14 by Bud Barr, on Flickr



    Over 3 weeks, we saw a creature in 5 separate webs all during the day. The ones I took pictures of did not seem to be bothered by our flashlights or my strobes. One of them, after about 10 minutes of observation, backed down the web a little ways and then turned head down and went deeper into the coral head. We watched it's segmented body go by for what seemed like forever so it was quite long. Soon after, it's head came part way up through a different web in the same coral head.


    We are guessing "The Thing", but we haven't seen this web building behavior documented anywhere so I thought someone out there might be able to shed some light on it.




  3. Been sitting on this gear for too long. Hope someone can make some good use of it.


    Canon 20D, all original accessories, very little use, like new - $300

    Ikelite Canon 20D housing with TTL, never flooded, works great, very good condition - $700

    Both for $900


    Spare Ikelite Canon 20D TTL circuit board - $100


    Ikelite WA port # 5503.50 with neoprene cover, for Canon 10-22mm and other lenses, no scratches on lens


    Ikelite 8" dome port #5510.45 with shade and neoprene cover, like new, no scratches - $295

    Ikelite Modular port body # 5510.24 - $90


    2 ULCS 5" arms - $50

    2 ULCS 8" arms - $50

    2 ULCS 8" buoyancy arms - $70


    An oldie but still a highly rated P&S

    Olympus 5050, all original accessories, like new - $125

    Ikelite Oly 5050 housing with TTL, double handle tray, never flooded, works great, very good condition - $225

    Both for $300



    Please PM me with any questions or offers: bbarr AT rdspos DOT com


    More details and/or pictures on request.


    Payment by Paypal only




  4. Should I just say "ditto?


    Dominica, 20-40 feet, sand, turtle grass, numerous sightings











    Sorry if this is just a turtle grass anemone. I've found lots of pictures of turtle grass anemones but you can only see tentacles, not the body.


    This one look familiar?


    Thanks, Bud

  5. Thanks to all....


    I'm almost certain it's not an orange ball corallimorph. This area had lots of those so we got to see them at night, and those that were not completely hidden, during the day as well. They are pretty distinctive and look nothing like this creature.


    This may have to remain a mystery.



  6. Dominica, 15 feet, boulders:


    Never saw any tentacles, even at night, but height, shape and size did change from day to day. The mouth is clearly visible in the third picture and the blue coloration also came and went.










    Thanks, Bud

  7. Leslie,


    That is too bad. When I first spotted it, it was being dive bombed by some razor fish. At one point is was up in the water column swimming like crazy but not going anywhere. I chased off the fish and when it began burrowing in the sand I thought all was well. Are these worms able to regenerate their missing parts?



  8. At 25 feet, sand, turtle grass.


    This thing was flat, like a pancake, and attached to a shell that had been taken over by a hermit crab. It seemed to have a center opening or mouth (which I don't have a good picture of but can get one if needed) and some reddish bumps around the outer edge. Upon further "inspection", these pink, thread like, tentacles started extending from the bumps..













    Any ideas?


    Thanks, Bud

  9. Again, from Dominica, 25 feet, sand, turtle grass.


    I know the pictures don't show that well because he so closely resembled the sand but, he ignored my invitation to take a ride on my white balance card.


    I thought the 6 "horns" or "prongs" on this little guy were interesting. There were lots of furry sea cucumbers in the area, some pretty small, but nothing around that looked like this.








    Thanks, Bud

  10. Matt,


    Did you take a look at my last reply on the post titled Dominica Unknown "Slug"


    After looking at the link provided by Leslie, I'm pretty sure the picture I posted there is the spoon worm. It was certainly in closer proximity to the proboscis and has more of a "spoon worm physique"..



  11. At 25 feet, sand, turtle grass:


    Approx. 5 inches long, couldn't distinguish one end from the other.




    This was somewhat of a strange encounter. There was a small eel that seemed to be in a hurry to bury itself in the sand (tail first), when I swam over to take a closer look, this thing was right where the eel disappeared. I thought maybe the eel disrupted or dislodged it. It very quickly burrowed under the sand itself.



    Thanks, Bud

  12. I won't assume this is a nudibranch.....


    At 20 feet, sand, scattered turtle grass, this thing at first didn't seem alive. It just sort of rolled and drifted with the current. But after watching awhile it would bend and stretch but still didn't seem to have any real purpose in mind. One obvious trait was a sensitivity to light. When we shined a flashlight on it, it would quickly (relative term) react.














    Thanks, Bud

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