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  1. OMG will this work underwater? Sign me up.
  2. Never mind. Found what I needed on another thread. http://www.kenkoglobal.com/pdf/TELEPLUS_DG...ibilityList.pdf
  3. Bill can you point me to that list? I have a Kenko 2x Teleplus Pro 300, and it also does not autofocus on the AF-S 60mm but it does on the 105VR (although quite slowwwwly.)
  4. Hi Bent: Thanks so much for this shot. Very inspiring and I hope you don't mind if I've been out shooting the same section of the wreck this week, trying to get the mood of that space. I owe you a beer or two next time you make it to Bonaire.
  5. Thanks Mark, very good illustration. I had a Subal GS magnifying viewfinder and now have the Nauticam. For us "old guys" it really is a blessing. I don't think I could shoot anything without it. When you get underwater there's the added advantage of being able to see the subject even without having your mask against the viewfinder. It's big enough that you can line up the shot, back away a bit (6 inches or so?) and still see what you're shooting.
  6. Now "New and Improved!" I took a number of shots and built a little iMovieHD of the baitball, added royalty free music. iMovieHD is really easy. I am going to try some of your suggestions next dive, see what is adjustable on the D90. Thanks. HD Video of Scads of Scads
  7. Thanks Ryan, I got all the other pieces figured out (except adding music) and so I'm just one right thumb button away from taking great video! LOL. OK, good video.
  8. As I wrote above, you just need to adjust the exposure compensation. Shutter speed and aperture set for stills don't seem to make any difference. I did use Magic Filter here too because I knew the ball was not deep. Don't think it would help if deeper than 50 feet.
  9. Finally got a short video up showing off the D90 now that I see how it works. Tokina 10-17 set at 10mm, ev at -1.0, Magic Filter in 25-30 fsw in the shallows at Red Slave, Bonaire. Scads of Scads at Red Slave
  10. Greg: I'm still working on this myself, and please anyone with more experience please chime in. I always shoot in Manual Mode. I'm working without video lights, but trying a FIXLED500 as well. My first vids were way over exposed, washed out. Today I decided to try a few things here on Bonaire to see if I could get this resolved. I tried changing the aperture; it makes no difference. I tried changing the ISO. It makes no difference. Finally I tried changing the exposure compensation. It worked! You can clearly see this in the LED. It's a bit awkward, you have to be looking in the LED, press down on the EV button and rotate the main command dial. I found it best to simply stop, go to Live View, hold the bottom of the housing in one hand and perform the press and rotate until it looked "ok" in the display, then start shooting. It's very hard to do on the fly, unless you plan ahead to edit these few seconds out. You can see what EV setting is by the number on the bottom right of the display. It's plus or minus by the little icon under "Exit." Just remember when you exit Live View to shoot stills (or even turn the camera off), the EV is still set where you left it. I've had issues with focusing. The 10-17 seems the best option as there is no autofocus. I've used the 105mm and set it to MF, then dial in or out until I can see something that is the same distance and looks sharp, but it's not reliable. Same for the 60mm. Even on the 10-17, I think it pays to focus while in still mode and then switch on LV. Otherwise hold the shutter at half press until you get a green square. Press carefully, too much and you take a picture and jump out of LV. I don't think this latter is very accurate, based on some trials topside. The AF in still mode seems much more reliable; it's really hard for me to tell if the focus is sharp through the display. It's a nice extra feature, and the more I play with it the more I like having it. I know it eats battery to be in LV but with a full charge I got three dives on one battery, with about 50 short video clips (10 sec to 1 minute each) and about 60 stills
  11. Friday night turned out to be the night to be in the water. Anna had scoped out a bunch of Boulder/Lobed Star Coral that looked promising and so at 9:15 we're in the water heading south. She came to one coral head and indicated this was the one. Ned and I stood by on the sand and waited 10 minutes according to my watchm while the other half dozen divers kinda wandered around nearby. Maybe she's wrong? Whom am I to question the ID gods? Sure enough, "Thar she blows!" The pink gametes all pop out as if the coral had inhaled and taken a deep breath and then popped it's lips. (OK, not very scientific, but that's what it looks like.) There was no current or surge so the gamete bundles would sort of hang by the coral head and then slowly drift away. It didn't all happen at once. After one would pop, we would head to another and then another. Anna was videotaping brittle stars feeding on the gamete bundles and Ned would be hopping from one coral head to another as they went off. Took about 15 minutes for the whole show. I finally learned what to look for and shot a couple sequences of the process. It's best viewed as a slideshow. The first slide of the first show has some gametes floating away from the coral head next door, but they are as shot, not adjusted, and about 2 seconds apart. 1/160th, f/16, ISO 160 D200 with a 60mm lens. Enjoy! Series 1 Series 2 And a couple of the Brittle stars enjoying the free meal:
  12. So many amazing photos, it's overwhelming. This thread is great! I had the best year of diving in my life, Red Sea with Subal and ULCS friends, Tawali PNG with Ned and Anna Deloach and Paul Humann and 5 months in Bonaire. What a life, I have to kick myself sometimes. Needless to say got to work on my skills, and have a bunch of keepers this year. But for this thread I picked a personal favorite for a couple reasons. I never shot nudi's before, "too easy," but now I know. What an amazing range of sizes, shapes and colors. I also never shot in the muck, so of course now I'm addicted. I'm thinking of filling the swimming pool with silt and see what grows. This was one of many I saw in PNG, and of course this is how I found it; no nudibranchs were harmed in the making of this photo. This guy captures all of the above and sums up my year. Happy New Year!! Nikon d200, Subal housing, single Ike DS125, 105mm, f/22 at 1/125th, minor adjustments in Aperture
  13. Good news!! This from the DDN board Quote: Thank you for your email. We appreciate your feedback and want you to know we have removed shark fin soup from our menu. Erin Robbins Executive Secretary to Pete Boyd, Vice President of Food & Beverage Phone: 702.414.0323 | Fax: 702.414.1301 erin.robbins@venetian.com
  14. I think it's much worse than I knew. I borrowed this list from DocVikingo's post on Scubadiving.com. Only solution is going to be legal action in terms of making it ilegal to sell in the US, I'm afraid. I don't think one will risk losing a client to another to save a shark. Greed sucks. Orchid Asian Cuisine -- The Venetian (under Soups) http://www.venetian.com/venetianeng/Assets...rchid_asian.pdf Jasmine - The Bellagio (Jasmine; click on menu, click on Cantonese Classics) http://www.bellagio.com/restaurants/jasmine.aspx Empress Court - Caesars Palace http://www.harrahs.com/images/Property/clv...ourt_060605.pdf Dynasty - Trump Taj Mahal http://www.trumptaj.com/index.cfm/fuseacti...6-a768ca2a70f9/
  15. I was recently in Las Vegas and had a chance to stay at the newly opened Palazzo Hotel. There is an Asian Restaurant on the casino floor called Jade, and we decided to try it out. I was shocked to see that they served Shark Fin Soup, given what we all know about the destruction of this creature. I spoke with the manager, told him how upsetting this would be to many people, and asked that he remove the item from the menu, but he said it was a corporate decision and that the restaurant is owned by Venetian/Palazzo. So I've sent emails to them but have heard nothing back, and now I'm publicizing this on scuba diving boards. Palazzo is a part of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. group of casinos and I'd bet they serve Shark FIn Soup in Macao and will in Singapore too. It's a public company (LVS) and maybe like Disney they'll respond to public pressure. This has got to stop; it's bad enough it's an established part of some cultures but to bring it to the Strip gives it a novelty flair and it's just that many more thoughtless people who will cause that much more thoughtless killing. Here's the emails I could find, you might come up with additional contacts so post them here. And while I hope it's gone soon, DEMA is in Vegas this Fall. Maybe a little personal visit/publicity/picketing might be helpful? foodandbeverage@palazzolasvegas.com comments@palazzolasvegas.com Corporate contact: http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?...;p=irol-infoReq
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