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  1. Good day all, Could anyone please recommend a camera shop in Dubai that deals with DLRs and underwater equipment? I have an 11 hour stopover and would like to buy some equipment. Many thanks Puffin
  2. I really enjoyed your entire underwater gallery, particularly your shots of normal subjects taken from different perspectives. Thanks for sharing. Puffin
  3. Enjoyed your images very much but your Christmas card shot looks like the diver is pretty close if not holding on to the Acropora corals?
  4. Hi All, I am trying to find a contact for underwater photo equipment in Taiwan, specifically around the Kaohsiung area. I am looking for Sea & Sea equipment for the Nikon D7000. If any one can point me in the right direction, that would be great. Thanks Puffin
  5. Hi Adam Like the last photo very much! What is Nuweiba like? Cheers Camilla
  6. Hi Jason I read the D7000 housing review on wetpixel by Adam Hanlon D7000 housing review. It mentions that there are no controls on the housing to lower or raise the internal flash during a dive. At the moment I have sync chords so that isn't an issue, but i find it odd that the housing only has one sync chord connector. Maybe I am missing something but if something goes wrong with your dual sync chord, then you loose both strobes? Which then made me think, ok maybe fiber optics are the way to go. But the issue of the non-existent flash button on the housing then comes into question. I like sea & sea and because of my ports etc it makes financial sense for me to go that way. Its a good sign that you have had no complaints about the MDX-D7000. Cheers Camilla
  7. Hi Travy Thanks for sharing. Looks like your viz wasn't too bad. Did you get round to doing a tiger shark dive? Cheers Camilla
  8. Ha Ha. Yes, I haven't changed my camera date since my last photo comp. You are the second person to notice that, Ralphy. The first guy asked for a ride in my time machine
  9. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
  10. Just back from a week spent diving around Dahab. We weren't sure what to expect because usually high numbers of tourists + shore diving = lots of damage. Nevertheless we really enjoyed ourselves and saw some very pretty reefs and cool critters. Just want to say that the Wetpixel forums were a big help in searching for recommended dive charters. We dived with Blue Realm and they were great. Here are a few pics from our trip. Thanks and Cheers Camilla Diving the Blue Hole Reef crest at the Blue Hole Lionfish at the Canyon Shallow reef at Gabr el bint Diving in at Gabr el bint The rest of the photos are here Dahab set
  11. Thanks to every one for your advice and comments. I am now looking at the Nauticam as a possibility and hopefully Dr Tattersall will be able to organise me a great deal Cheers Camilla
  12. Hi All I have finally decided to upgrade from my old but loyal Nikon D50 to the D7000. All my equipment is Sea & Sea so I was naturally thinking about getting the MDX-d7000 so I could continue using my ports. However, the reviews for the Sea & Sea housing have been quite a mixed bag. This may be a silly question but are any of the Sea & Sea ports compatible with other housings like subal or nauticam. Second question. What housings would people suggest if any over the Sea & Sea? I have been very happy with my old Sea & Sea set up but its definitely time to move on. Thanks in advance
  13. You have some cracker shots there. I really enjoyed them. Well done.
  14. OK, I found it...Cyclocoeloma tuberculata ... for any one interested.
  15. Lovely captures. Well done. Any idea what crab/crustacean that is in photo 8? Its awesome.
  16. Looks like Rumphella to me which is a gorgonian. Cheers Puffin
  17. Thanks for sharing, TNT. Enjoyed your photos. Both dive locations are indeed challenging. I do fieldwork at Sodwana and Aliwal often. I have had magnificent conditions and at other times its pea soup meets washing machine. Here are a few photos from the good conditions. Two-mile reef, Sodwana Anton's reef, Sodwana Stringer reef, Sodwana Shark dive, Aliwal Shark dive, Aliwal Cheers Puffin
  18. Lovely bright gorgonian. Try getting your model to look at the camera next time. Eye contact makes it more interesting. Thanks for sharing
  19. I like the composition cropped or not. Its different. By the way, what sponges?
  20. Hi all Many thanks for the time spent providing explanations for STTL and my problem. Much appreciated. I have lots of reading to do.
  21. Thanks for the comments on STTL but it still doesn't make any sense. I have been shooting on a variety of strobe settings including STTL for the last 4 years with my set up and only 2 weeks ago did it decide to pack up. STTL may not have been working as it should (i.e STTL) with my electrical sync chords but at least there was a connection between my camera and the strobes on that setting that worked pretty well most times. Now its just black each time I take a photo. On the subject of STTL only working on fibre optic cables, I thought that fibre optic cables were just for triggering the strobe and couldn't actually communicate between the strobes and camera i.e communicate how much light is necessary for the subject. I thought that electrical sync chords were the only way to do STTL because they allow the camera and strobe to 'talk' where as fibre optics just sends off a message to fire strobe now. Well I am probably showing my lack of knowledge and blond roots, but I guess thats how you learn. Thanks for all the help and comments so far.
  22. So I rushed home yesterday to test my strobes again, this time turning the Advanced cancel circuit on and off. I tried it many times but alas, I still cannot get my STTL setting to work. My camera records nothing on that setting. Oddly enough it works when I turn the strobes onto STTL-low. I have no idea what the problem is. I have had the strobes for 4 years and this is the first time this has happened. Any advice or suggestions on what else I can try will be GREATLY appreciated.
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