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  1. These are a couple of my favorites from 2012 and I look forward to 2013!
  2. Shark and Dolphin Expedition August 19 -25, 2012 Join Jim Abernethy, Steven Anderson and the professional crew aboard the 65’ MV Shear Water as they depart West Palm Beach, FL and travel to the outer islands of the northern Bahamas. This is where our diving with the species of sharks that inhabit the clear and warm water of the Bahamas are found. The species often encountered are Great Hammerhead, Tiger, Lemon, and Reef Sharks. This expedition is for experienced divers, underwater photographers and videographers with an interest in sharks up close. There is no cage and you will be underwater with many large sharks that are baited to provide the safest interaction you will ever experience. This expedition provides some of the most exciting, extreme and rewarding diving one might ever experience. We will visit the world famous Tiger Beach and outer reefs of the Bahamas Banks. We will spend some time snorkeling with dolphins during the day and at night. As a special treat, you will be involved in a turtle release as well and a chance to swim with them as they enter the wild for the first time. The cost of the trip is $2805.00 which includes 5 days of unlimited diving with sharks but does not include air fare to and from West Palm Beach, FL.. All food and beverages are included. Nitrox is available and all tanks, weights are included. Other scuba gear is available for rent as well. For more information contact : Steven Anderson – (615) 336-4667 Steven@stevenandersonphotography.com Or info@scuba-adventures.com 561.842-6356
  3. Are you willing to part with the 8.5" dome ? If so how much?
  4. Great report and yes you are right all trips with Jimmy are exciting and adventurous! I have a spot left on my Shark and Dolphin Trip coming up in August!
  5. I'm interested in this system if you still have it! Please send me an email with your pertinent info...I have a couple of questions! Thanks Steven steven@stevenandersonphotography.com
  6. Hi John - Im interested in the setup - send me an email and I have some questions !!! Thanks Steven@stevenandersonphotography.com
  7. Shawn - Those are great images !!!! Hope you are well !!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Steven Anderson
  8. Great images and report Shawn as usual! I hope next year to make it there.
  9. when are you back from your trip ...Ill buy one of the d70s when you return
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