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  1. Adding the N100 macro port 105 back to my search.
  2. Thank you Walt. I appreciate your feed back.
  3. Thanks John DoeII! I truly appreciate your kind comment!!! Cheers!
  4. Yup..That looks really bad, you definitely need a new Nauticam right handle. In my opinion you have already made your point , you are obviously not at fault for what happened. This is the way I see it, you can either keep acting like I don't care about this whole fiasco or we can work together and find a solution in a civilized way. You have my personal information and I'd rather don't use this section of the forum for any further communication. Peace..
  5. Thanks for this valuable information walker_mw, I had previously used Canada Post and never had any trouble with them, but they don't offer insurance cover for amounts over $500 CAD unless you hold a small business account which I don't, that being the reason why I used Purolator, they offered full insurance for the total value of the housing and at the time that seemed to be the safest way to go for the two parties involved in the transaction. I will take your advise and avoid the services of Purolator in the future. Cheers!
  6. Is anybody using the Nikonos 15 mm with the Nauticam housing for Sony A7... cameras that can share their opinion about this set up? I'm very interested. Cheers!
  7. Hi Lowjack8, considering that you have decided to use this section of the forum to discuss the outcome of our previous transaction, I wanted to point out to you that I never offered you a "too bad" response, and you can for yourself if you carefully read my replies to your messages, but I did state that I was sad to hear that you were disappointed about the outcome and I truly am. I consider it unfair that you have decided to blame me for extra charges on Brokerage fees. I thought you knew this was a possibility, as a matter of fact, I always get charged for Customs and Border fees when I order products from another country. When you sent me the payment via Pay Pal you were short on the agreed upon amounted I didn't make a fuss about it, I hope it helped a bit to cover your Broker Fees. After you asked me for a shipping estimate I visited a few of the Carrier Companies in my area. Canada Post didn't offer the option to insure the housing for the full amount, that's why I decided to use Purolator in order to protect the both of us and you explicitly agreed to this decision. I took the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the housing, I carefully wrapped it several times with a thick heavy bubble wrap and added a generous amount of wrapping peanuts covering all sides and surrounding the housing in a box large enough to accommodate the housing. Several days after the housing was shipped I received a call from the Customs Office and I was told that they had attempted to reach you several times over the phone without success in order to get some information they needed from you in order to continue with the shipment. That was when I had to contact you directly to let you know that the housing was being held at the Customs office. You also complained in the e-mail you sent me about the shipping taking longer that what you expected, well, that's your answer right there, and it would be unfair to put that blame on me. It may be the case that the package was open while being withheld at the Custom office and that it wasn't packed back as carefully as I did and it is also unfair to be blame for that as well. I am notoriously meticulous in my packaging of items. WetPixel is a platform that has given me the opportunity to learn, interact and be part of the underwater photographers community and I'm very thankful for it, I conduct myself with respect and integrity, and I'm always transparent and very diligent when involved in a transaction with another member. I always felt that this site is full of members willing to help each other in every aspect involving underwater photography and I'm deeply hurt by the fact that you believe I intended to be dishonest, or that my goal was to take advantage of you. It truly was not.
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