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    homemade housing, and paramotoring.

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    Sea & Sea 2 YS120, and 2 YS250 Pro Broncolor (studio) Kowalshi Zenon's. Rotating underwater pano cam
  1. I have a Aquatica D7000 camera for sale. Average wear and tear, light skuffs. No Ports included. The housing has had the DEEP WATER upgrade, so it is rated to 130m great for teckies. hydrophone leak detector RRP is 2,689.00 USD I am asking for £1300 or $2000 Will ship anywhere in the world. Postage not included in the price. Please send me mail. Dan@underwaterimages.co.uk
  2. Hi I have just dome some test on a new 3d 360 degree underwater housing I have made. I will post some of the film shortly. http://www.underwaterimages.co.uk/site2/st...100728151745824 Dan
  3. The film is being edited now. More shoots soon.. Watch this space. The rig has two configs. A 5cm, and 7cm lens mount. 5cm from close stuff (2m to inf) 7cm for stuff (4m to inf) we are filming people and wreck, so we aren't using a mirror rig. We do have a mirror rig on the surface, for close-up of the presenter. We will be shooting 3 more shoot this summer, and will be changing the cameras, as we had big problems with overheating. Dan
  4. Here is my new video rig I built a month ago from a shoot. The rig is 2 HD cam modular cameras.. Total weight about 40ks..... http://www.underwaterimages.co.uk/site2/G2...hp?g2_itemId=62 We have done a test shoot, and plan a main shoot this summer. £30k worths of cams..... Dan
  5. Enclosed a link for my new Sony TG3 homebuilt. Works great more to work on like controls. http://www.vimeo.com/2160626 Dan
  6. Hi I have made one, Check this out. http://www.vimeo.com/2160626 Dan
  7. I have been building my own housing for years, and there is only one glue for sticking plexi. Bostik tensol 70. This is a 2 part glue. it welds the glue.. I have had housing to more that 50m using this. Very stong. You buy it from a good perspex holder.. Silicon is good for sticking flat ports on flat surfaces. Use silicon designed for the job, rather than bathroon silicon. You can get it from car shops, it is used for instant gasket. It is designed t be used in a marine enviroment. They make a tensol 14 or 40, this is ok, but the 70 is better.
  8. Thanks for the comments.. More to come in the future. and maybe a longer lens! I plan do do more wrecks, and manmade subjects, rather than reefs.. Fish are easy to shoot as they move.. Dan
  9. Here is a selection of underwater panos shot this week. I shot on a D2x and 10.5 mm lens. The shot consisted of about 50-70 images. I haven't finished editing them yet. The images are 360 degree long, ad 180 in height. Each tiff image is about 90-130mb, and was scaled down from it original (4gb approx). http://underwaterimages.co.uk/gallery/gallery/redseapano2008 More to follow with flash.. Dan
  10. if you are thing about building a housing. then try these http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&...sa=N&tab=wi these are the perfect glands. Cheap.. Ideal for small controls. The rods are small 2mm. Use in thermostat controls in raditors. They are tested to 10bar. My friend uses them. The part is A Danfoss 013G0290 Try it..
  11. I have been looking at my Sea & sea housing F90, and thing I can fit a D300 in it. All I will have to do is change some of the controls, and rebuild the back with Plexi. Has anyone fitted. other cams like tis before. Could be an interersting winter project.
  12. Hi Colin I have done a fair bit of TL myself topside but not underwater yet, however I am planning to do some this summer. Personally I feel it doesn't matter what Housing you use. As long as you can mount it and access the controls. Dan
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