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  1. Hi all... This item is now sold! Thanks to all for your interest!
  2. Hi all..... as indicated I am selling my Ikelite TTL housing for the Nikon D200, along with the camera body and as a bonus, for when you are shooting topside, I am throwing in the Nikon MB-D200 grip- has a second battery included and is great for shooting vertical pics. Even when shooting a horizontal pic, this is really handy as it gives you a better hold on the camera. Naturally the charger is also included, with a 2gb Sandisk card. The housing is in great condition, it has been used for a total of about 100 dives. Asking price for the whole kit is AUD$1500 plus shipping. Email me at nkphotos@ozemail.com.au for more details, or drop me a PM Cheers Nick
  3. nixpix


    Hi Phil... I have an Ikelite 6812 TTL housing and D200 body that I was just about to list on ebay. They both have less than 100 dives on them, and the camera comes with the MB-d200 grip and a second battery for topside use. The housing naturally comes with the tray and handles. Sorry, no ports or strobes are inc. All is in VGC. If you are interested the cost on this kit is $AUD1650 plus shipping. Have a look at some recent pics with this kit here http://www.underwaterartists.com/GBR/nick/index.htm I can also be contacted at nick@nkphotos.com.au Cheers Nick
  4. I just took delivery of Pauls D300 housing and dome port and BOY AM I HAPPY! In brand new condition and a fantastic bargain! May sound like ebay feedback, but he is a great communicator and shipped promptly.
  5. Hey there... do you still have the D300 housing? VERY interested... nick@nkphotos.com.au if you prefer Nick
  6. Hi... this gear is now SOLD!!!
  7. Hey Jesse... I have just listed a great D100 housing with camera and strobe. Have a look at http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...E:IT&ih=010 Nick
  8. Hi there... I have listed a great setup on ebay for the UW photo starter.... If you are looking to increase your enjoyment of your scuba diving and bring home great memories to show off to the family, this is the way! I am selling an ideal package to get started in underwater photography. An Ikelite 6810 housing for the great Nikon D100, the camera body, with battery and charger, a Nikon 18-55mm lens, the Ikelite 5503.50 lens port with shade and zoom ring and clamp- and of course to bring out the beautiful colours of the deep an Ikelite DS50 strobe. The strobe comes with the quick-release strobe arm as shown to have either wide angle coverage or bring the strobe in close for those macro critters. The #4100.6 manual controller provides 10 power settings in half-stop increments for SubStrobe DS models. The Manual Controller has a slave sensor allowing it to be triggered by another strobe; or attach any other sync cords to the Controller bulkhead. The photos that you see here are all of the actual items- not taken from the Ikelite website. The item described is all in very good condition and has NEVER been flooded. Have a look at: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...E:IT&ih=010
  9. Thanks to Larry I have now got some strobes!
  10. Hi... I am looking to buy 2 used Ikelite DS125 strobes. Must be in VGC and pref with arms and TTL sync cable for Ike housing. Email me at nkphotos@ozemail.com.au or reply below. Thanks Nick
  11. I have just had some luck using this forum. Also one just come on ebay. Keep trying!
  12. Is this strobe still FS? Will you ship to Australia?
  13. Hi! I am looking to buy a used Ikelite housing for the Nikon D200. Pls post a reply here or email me at nkphotos@ozemail.com.au Many thanks Nick
  14. I am looking for a used Ikelite housing for my Nikon D200. Contact me at nick@nkphotos.com.au if you are looking to sell
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