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  1. The reality of UW Photography is that it mandates "solo diving" As a PADI Divemaster I send PADI a request that we adopt a certification commencerate with appropriate training to authorize what takes place daily on every photo centric dive boat. Operators that cater to serious am photo customers never interfer once satisfied with the diver's credentials. PADI told us we would "die" on nitrox--gee we didn't and the money now rolls in on one of the most popular specialties. Solo Diving is a MUST but only for those sufficiently qualified--thereon why not adopt standards.
  2. Why would anyone use equipment from a company that created the RS debacle? This is a company a day late--a dollar short and never failing to abandon customers. I don't think I care what they come out with--Mess with me once shame on you mess with me twice shame on me--or words to that effect. Count me as a Canon user folks.
  3. Have just finished 14 days shooting sharks in Bahamas at Sturat Cove's facility. Picture quality was very good after minor adjustments with photoshop elements. Used 50 mm Macro lens and was able to shot other subjects. Wide angle did not seem necessay. Automatic white balance slightly overexposed, not a problem if images photoshoped with cheap elements.
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