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  1. In addition to the options already posted, including the PNG Arts store, you might want to hire a tour of Port Moresby as I did several years ago. The driver took me around, including the coastline near his village, the arts store and to the open market. I felt very safe as he kept an eye out for the "rascals" out and about. On other long layovers, I have gone to Loloata Resort for lunch. About 45 minutes to and from, including boat ride. Can sit at beach area, have a beer and a nice lunch in a safe place away from the city. Have a nice trip!
  2. Looks to me like the pins are corroded and that there might have been water inside the strobe part. Even though they claim that the electronic part of the strobe is sealed and can't flood, I had one be totaled, and the only thing I saw on the electronic part of the strobe was some corrosion on the pins. They could not repair it, and I had to replace it, at my cost as it was out of warranty. I'd still send it in to Ikelite in the hope that it can be repaired. They will do all to it they can. Good luck.
  3. I got one from Divervision It came quite quickly to NYC, no problems with customs or such. I tested it on the camera/housing today and it looks like it works just fine in the 8 inch domeport with no extension rings! Can't wait to try it out next week in Lembeh Robin
  4. Hey Mark, Which resort are you staying at??? robin
  5. Of course you would need a WiFi hotspot in the area you are diving for this to work... and I doubt it will make it through an aluminum housing. Otherwise an interesting idea!
  6. Lovely shot of the Inimicus. It's good to see they are still in abundance in Lembeh.... the red coloration is really something special to them in Lembeh... One night dive there I found 9 of them... most in pairs!
  7. Only on return to the US on Air New Zealand and Qantas agents for Air NuiGini to PNG from Sydney. All other airlines haven't even looked twice at my Portercase.
  8. The good news is that when I went there this year, (Anilao), there were no abnormal numbers of COTs, and when I asked my guide what happened to the COTs, as in did they go to another site.... he said nope did n't see them again. Who knows what causes them to do this swarming like behavior? The site was very productive, and we found loads of great critters in the sand as expected. I unfortunately waited until the last day diving to go there, as I was reluctant to go from the prior year's COTs, but I should have had faith, and the site was just fine. Hopefully it will just pass in Indo as well... Robin
  9. I just ordered one of these lenses. I can't wait to try it out next month on my next dive trip. Alex, what is the correct size for your magic Filter for the Nikon mount? Size dimensions or recommended filter to be "taped" into position???? I want one, but have no idea what the dimensions needed for the lens nor what sizes are available. Please advise. Robin
  10. Last year I observed a huge invasion of crown of thorns on a dive site in Philippines. I was diving it on my first day there. Could count hundreds of COT eating nearly every hard coral in sight, except for one or two species like brain coral. The next week, all of the COT were already gone. And so was just about all of the hard corals. One year later, the dive site is still good, but different, with more soft coral and some recovery of some of the hard corals. I hope that this site is OK.
  11. Try Radio Shack. That's where Larry Smith used to get his.
  12. Eric, That would be two out of how many total? From another group of folks, there are at least 11 of 16 with full refunds so far. So sounds like the refunds are trickling in even though some are taking a bit longer than others....
  13. That $6 / kg is somewhat of a bargain..... much better than the $20/kg charged by Sydney Qantas agent for an Air Nuigini flight I took a couple years ago.... $300 Austrailian for a 15 kg camera bag they forced me to check... and on top of that they made a mistake and weighed one of my bags twice resulting in the overweight situation!
  14. From my emails I believe that to be the situation. That said, an email or written communication would have gone a long way to ease our concerns. I know of at least 7 others who have also gotten refunds. The checks are coming from Australia, so depending upon where you live, might take longer. Perhaps if booked via a travel agent, the refund went there... folks might need to check with their agents. Robin
  15. To all, I received my full refund in the mail today. In US dollars. For the correct amount. On the same bank as I have. I fully expect it to clear. The rest of you who have received your refunds should post that you have them, too. Robin
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