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  1. I will take this if it is still available. PM sent.
  2. I'll take the 36132 port and zoom gear for $400, if the shipping cost to the USA (Hawaii, ZIP 96744) is reasonable. Please let me know the shipping cost and your Paypal payment info. Thanks
  3. I will take the flextray setup if the first responder does not. Would need your paypal address, and shipping cost to Hawaii (96744). Thanks
  4. Go to the Heinrichs-Weiscamp site for instructions to set up the adapter. The adapter can be set up to recognize preflash, or to ignore it.
  5. If you are still looking I have a Nikon Coolpix 5000 and Sea&Sea housing, with screw-on wet lens. Camera comes with battery, memory card, charger. Everything works fine. Contact me by PM if interested.
  6. I'll entertain reasonable offers. I'd like to sell this, but I won't give it away. (Backscatter has one listed used for $399, with charger but without sync cord).
  7. Sea&Sea YS-300 strobe. Unused since I bought it used in 2006. Seller said it had recently been serviced. Has a new (in 2005) battery pack, S&S to Nikonos 5-pin sync cord, and diffuser. Does not come with a battery charger, but I use an older Ikelite NiCad charger to keep the battery in shape. Tested today with an Olympus C-7070 and HW digital adapter. All manual settings (full, 1/2, 1/4) work as expected. TTL seems to work (it double flashes with Oly TTL internal flash), but the strobe is so powerful it can't throttle down enough for the Oly f8 aperature setting. It's big and heavy, but a real powerhouse strobe. If you need lots of light for wide angle, this could be the deal for you. $350 plus shipping (max $20, I'll pay any shipping cost above that for U.S. buyer).
  8. I have two YS110s that I've used with my Nexus D80 with HW converter board with no problems doing TTL at all. Just recently, I tried using them with an Oly 7070 in an Oly housing and fiber optic cables. The TTL functionality was sporatic, at best. Often one but not both strobes fired, sometimes they fired on pre-flash, sometimes did a full discharge. Clearly the issue is with the optically-triggered function. Does anyone know if Sea&Sea have any policy on the return of these strobes for the newer, hopefully improved, YS110 alpha?
  9. Ikelite screw-in dome port for Ikelite housing for Olympus C-7070. This port replaces the standatd port. This port, with the Oly WCON-0.7 wide angle lens (NOT INCLUDED), gives an effective 19mm wide-angle set-up, effectively the same as a Nikonos with 15mm lens, but digital. If you've got an Oly 7070 and Ikelite housing, this is the ultimate add-on to get the wide-angle shots you want. $250US plus shipping. Listed on the Ikelite web site as: # 9306.37 Optional Dome Port for WCON-07C Olympus Wide Conversion Lens
  10. If you haven't yet, drop by the monthly meeting of the Underwater Photo Society of Hawaii (UPSH). We meet the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Waikiki Aquarium education room. Members and non-members always welcome. We have a bunch of very knowledgable folks who can help with technical and non-technical questions. Mele Kalikimaka me ke Haoli Makahiki Hou. Dave
  11. Could you clarify which strobe you are using? Your first message mentioned a S&S YS-50, but I didn't think either the YS-50 or the YS-60 had an optic slave sensor.
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