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  1. Howdy everyone, it has been a long time since I posted to the site. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a ticker problem a couple of years ago that I have learned has ended my diving career. I do still get to stop by and drool at the stuff and pics every now and again though. Anyway, I have a full set of mens and ladies dive equipment, both of which were used under 100 dives (the womens has benn used less than 50 dives). I wont list it all, except to say I have a mens XL set including nitrox dive computer and a women's s/m setup. Brands are Oceanic, SeaQuest and Scuba Pro. I also have underwater lights, a spare air and a ton of other stuff as well. If you know of anyone that needs some really good stuff (beginner/intermediate diving gear), I really would like to pass it on. I just want to sell the entire setups, one womens and one mens (THEY HAVE BEEN SITTING IN A DIVE BAG FOR 2-3 YEARS....IT MUST BE SERVICED!!!) Anyway, if you have any interest, write me or answer the post and I will get you a list of what I have. I won't set a price, as I have no idea what to set. Lets just say I am a motivated seller.
  2. Thanks Mike! I should have known better than to think I could totally give up diving. Thanks for the advice on the two sites, I had forgotten about digital diver. I was trying to buy the used drebel housing from a member here, but I got to him a day to late I will take a look at the 620 and the Fuji thanks for the advice. How about an older Tetra and Oly 5050 setup? Were they any good? I know it's not the biggest and best, but I have seen a few of those around at pretty good prices. I am just having a lot of trouble coughing up 2-3k for a used SLR housing that I would probably only use once a year at the most. Thanks again for the welcome and the advice
  3. From a nearly two year hiatus I have returned with the itch to go diving. Trouble is I sold all my gear when I thought I was going to quit diving. Silly me. Now I need your advice and suggestions. For those of you that don't know me from the old days, I am a fairly serious photographer on land, and was purely recreational when I used to dive. I want to get a used system, for those rare occasions that I plan on diving, but I cannot decide on which route to go. I mainly shoot on land with a 1dMkII, but I dont think any of the lenses I shoot with would be appropriate for diving, (ie usually 200mm or longer) and besides that, I dont have the guts (not to mention the $) to house that camera. My portrait/travel/film camera is an old Leica film camera, that won't work underwater. I bought my wife a Canon Elf 400 last year, that I might try to take underwater if there is a decent way to house it and get a strobe to work, which I doubt. So that leaves me trying to find a used, probably digicam system that I can get reasonable results with. What do you recommend I look for if I do not want to spend much over $1,500-$2,000. Single strobe is fine with me. I am an old fart......I actually still think about shooting film! B) Bob http://rkjarman.com/gallery Hit me with your best shots!!!!!
  4. lol Thanks James, I am still probably going to hold out and house my 1dmkII one of these days, but who knows!
  5. added to ebay.....very cheap if anyone is interested. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=4983504370
  6. Hey guys, long time no see. I don's seem to get to dive anymore, so I decided to sell my Seiko M705 Scubamaster Dive watch. I bought this watch new in September of 1999. I have used it only for dive trips and as a travel watch. It has an alarm and back up dive computer. Other than for dive trips, the watch has been in the box. Features of this watch are: Normal watch function with day/date display and alarm. Built-in illumination. Contact with water activates diving computer Monitors underwater time and depth every second to nearest foot. Displays information based on U.S. Navy dive tables Decompression alarm Rate of ascent alarm sounds if ascent rate exceeds 1 foot/sec for more than 5 seconds. Dive log stores data for up to 20 dives: Date Month Depth Dive Duration Included in this auction is the watch, the case registration card, instruction manual and the original box. MSRP 800 My cost new was $225 I would take any reasonable offer.
  7. I promise this is the last lens I am selling. I bought this lens about 1.5 years ago to use in a macro workshop. It was there I found out about using extension tubes and telephotos for close up photography. i found for what I like to shoot, I really don't need a macro lens. Since then I have used this lens once. So off it goes. It is in perfect condition. I can send pics tonight if anyone need them. $470 plus shipping is the cost for a new one. I would like $425.00 and I will pay shipping (UPS ground in the 48 states) Thanks. Bob
  8. HMMMMMMMM I like the way you think!
  9. Sex is overrated compared to diving amongst a few hundred hammerheads. The hammerhead rush lasts longer.
  10. Yeah, I probably will not sell my gear, on further thought. Only problem with that type of trip is that I am so spoiled by Live-aboards. When I go diving, I truly want to dive -eat -sleep. Repeat.
  11. Last of the camera equipment. I have a 28-105 Canon USM zoom lens that I purchased in May-June 2003 for my Belize trip. It was used for one week and has never been out of the case since. Literally perfect condition, with box and papers. $150.00 or best offer for the lens. I also have a +4 B&W 58mm Diopter, bought at the same time and also in perfect condition to fit this lens $15.00. Free UPS shipping to Continental US PS: This lens focuses down to 18".
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