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  1. I'm sorry to say that I didn't know that there were "cool" things hiding in the butts of some sealife. I prefer not to touch the sealife myself. As for others, they can make that decision themselves. I share the same opinion diving that I do for hunting: If you are killing to eat, fine. If you are maiming because you have to fulfill some sadistic need, I disapprove. However, I don't tell other people how to think because I don't want to be told how to think by other people.
  2. Does anyone know if this works the same in Elements? I have some steps that I use to do it, but I haven't figured out how to save the layer so I can save myself some time and energy.
  3. I have no idea what this is but I did see another one like it on someone else's video. They just didn't tell me what it was. I took this pic in Bonaire last May. What is this? Tentacle?
  4. Nice pics. I like the "lucky" shot of the coral banded shrimp.
  5. I currently shoot SHQ, but I am switching over to RAW now that I have PSE 3.0. I need to get a larger media card though. astrl
  6. I also think it depends on the person. On a recent trip to Bonaire, I was waiting patiently to get a picture of a subject. Just as I was about to snap the picture, another photographer literally bulldozed me out of the way with his camera rig because he didn't want to wait. I couldn't believe it! You would think a photographer would be more careful with his equipment since it was much more expensive than mine. And then the lout had the audacity to tell a story where he was the victim on a previous trip. What a jerk! :evil: astrl
  7. Last year in Cozumel... astrl
  8. Great workshop at Seaspace, Eric and James! astrl
  9. Hrm... interesting idea, Gerb. I might have to try that. Thanks for the replies! astrl
  10. When diving from a boat in strong currents, I was wondering how some of you deal with your camera during your entry. Normally I try to have a someone on the boat lower it to me, but when the currents carry you away from the boat too quickly this isn't possible. I've also been on boats where others didn't want to hand it to me. So what do YOU do? astrl
  11. I'll be there both days. I am signed up for the same two that kdietz is. astrl
  12. Yeah, I saw you guys mentioned when I was looking through the workshops area. That's great! I would really like to go this year and I am trying to drum up some interest with some other members of my dive club in Grand Prairie, TX. Hope to see you there! astrl
  13. Can't remember if mind doubled or not, but it definitely went up. I only added one item and it wasn't expensive. astrl
  14. Wow, great photo! I entered a picture in their contest a couple of years ago, but it didn't win. It wasn't a diving picture, although I did buy the book it was printed in. I wish I had seen the posts from the links you have listed first... Sounds like a scam. I did actually receive the book which sounds more than some people got. They keep sending me invites to come to their annual awards/workshop thing. It costs an arm and a leg so I never go. Post whatever you find out. Good luck! astrl
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