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    canon eos350d
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    sea & sea
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    sea & sea
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    sea & sea mk7
  1. thanks for the advise ,which port and diopter do you use? regards chris j
  2. I have only used a canon 50 mm macro lense on my eos350d in sea & sea housing with reasonable results.Now I fancy going down the cfwa route and was considering the canon efs 10 -22 with suitable dome and diopter. Has anybody used this lense? and does it give a wide enough angle at 10mm for large critters close in? [a chance encounter with a whaleshark in sharm el shiek with the macro lense was very frustrating!!]Also is ttl control of strobes essential for cfwa as I have been mnaually exposing my shots so far,regards chris j
  3. Hi Folks, I have just got myself a Sea & Sea housing for my EOS350D c/w a YS110 strobe. My previous unsderwater photography experience has been limited to a Canon S45 in a housing with mixed results.I would appreciate any words of wisdom any of you talented people[i seen the contest photos !] could give me,regards Chris J
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