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  1. Hi I found this flatworm in St. Lucia yesterday in 50 ft of water. The body is just over an inch long. Haven't found it in the Humann books or other online resources. Any one know what species this is? Thanks
  2. Ok not exactly sure what species of butterfly fish this guy is but I did find another picture of him online http://www.johneasley.com/gallery/albums/U...tterflyfish.jpg This might be a good one for Les Wilk, at first glance I thought it was a longsnout but I can see what you are talkin about with the black band across the eye. The other picture I found is exactly like yours, the dark spot, line and orange patch at the base of the tail (Yours looks to be a more mature specimen). Sorry can't be of more help, it may be just as you say a variant of a longsnout, same thing happened to me and my WHITE variant of a whitenose pipefish
  3. Yup what he said Redtail parrotfish http://www.fishbase.org/Photos/PicturesSum...mp;what=species
  4. I think our Id's for 2 and 3 are very solid and don't think it might be worth spending their time looking over photos we basically all now agree on
  5. here is a spotted snake eel taken on a night dive
  6. Found this random article about shorttail snake eels's with pictures that match those here and also my own recollections http://www.bonairediveandadventure.com/the...tml#bubbles0602 Also here is a spotted spoon nose snake eel from St. Vincent. http://reefnet.ca/gallery/2005_StVincent/I...ake+eel-03.jpg/ Might help The photo you just posted is of a snake eel... But might be the much more common (at least in St. Lucia) spotted snake eel. The spotted spoon nose snake eel is much different
  7. Ok I can help you out almost 100 % with one and 90% with one and not at all with the first one and fourth. The second eel is a Short Tail Snake eel .. I 've seen them a few times in St. Lucia. Third one I am 90 % sure probably even more that it is a spotted spoon nose snake eel. (definitely not a manytooth conger) The fourth blue one however, I am not sure, Can't really tell from the picture but the colour of it does not exactly fit the colour of any manytooth congers I've seen. I have seen them before in St. Lucia. Very shy hide during the day. Out at night but still very skittish. The distinctive blue colour is the easiest way to make them out as well as the pronounced fin on their back. Also the "face" on the eel in the fourth photo looks too broad to be a manytooth conger (might be another species of conger though). Nice finds though. Especially the 3'rd one. btw nice to see more west indians. Les Wilk is also a great resource and he does reply to emails. He ID'ed a rare variation of a whitenose pipefish which we found diving over the summer. St. Vincent always seems to have great critters from what I've read, we don't get as many frog fish and such in St. Lucia even though we are a few miles apart. The second eel I've seen on a few occasions at home and it's done the same thing, retreat into the sand instead of darting out like the spotted snake eels. I've also never seen that sea cucumber (your other thread) in St. Lucia. Nice find
  8. Heres an update. I sent the photo to Les Wilk at reefnet.ca. He promptly ID'ed it as a whitenose pipefish, however a rare white variation with large "dermal flaps". So case solved. Thanks for the help and thanks to Les for the response and ID
  9. Thanks a lot I will indeed send him this photo and one other I have showing PART of the tail. At the time of taking the pics we just thought it was simply a whitenose pipefish and didn't pay it much attention. However, upon reaching back it finally hit me that whitenose pipefish DO NOT have fringes like this. Then I was pissed that we didn't bother to take any solid pictures of it. However, there was another person on the dive with a video camera, I am sure he go a bit of footage, however, I'm not able to contact him until I go back home in December. SO depending on the response I get I may attempt to repost this in december. Thanks a lot and ANY help is definitely appreciated since I really want to ID this guy. SImply because I've never seen a pipefish like this at home before.
  10. It I think definately is some type of ornate pipefish. However, I haven't found any records of the being seen in the Caribbean. May just be me but that is what really has me baffled
  11. Hi I found this pipefish in St. Lucia in about 20ft of water. No idea what it could be...Any Suggestions?
  12. thanks a lot man clears alot up for me... its interesting search google angelfish and see how many of these you come up with
  13. Hey guys i've been seraching the net for sum and came accross this fish twice, both times it has been called an anglefish.. however to me it looks like a moorish idol ( Zanclus cornutus ).. can anyone confirm or dispute this.. because I have seen this fish and im not curious as to what it is Thanks
  14. Thanks a lott.. besides the housing and the strobe do you think i will need anything else... I also have seen pics taken with the S90.. they are prtty good .... can someone who kows about cams break it down for me into layman terms how these two cams differ and should i expect same quality pics? thanks
  15. Hi im a beginner UW photographer and i have a sony DSC-S60... should i bother buyin the housing for this because I no i will not be upgrading cuz im 15 lol ... I also need to know if i should get a strobe cuz i no that from 10 feet down colours start to filter out and artifical light is needed to bring them back into focus.. THANKS
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