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  1. Thanks Mike, it's funny because that is exactly what I was looking at last night. I am trying to kill two birds with one stone, my wife wants a new land camera but I want it to double as my new underwater. I know there are a few companies that make housing for the D70, any thoughts? Any idea where I could find one used? I also read somewhere that in terms of strobes that it doesn't support TLL, what would be your advice in terms of a starting point for strobes? thanks a lot for your time. tim P.S. I see you are in Vancouver, I'm in Toronto so any ideas of good Canadian sources would eliminate potential customs issues. P.P.S. did some diving on Quadra island this summer for the second time, unbelievable.
  2. Hi Chris and Mike, I think I am in a similar boat as you. I have been using a Canon S40 with housing (no stobe) for a few years and have had a lot of fun with it. In certain conditions it can create excellent results. But I would like to move up to a better set up. I have been looking at different cameras and housings but I'm not sure what to get that will give me significantly better results than I was getting with the S40. Obviously, just getting a stobe will help, but don't know what I need in terms of camera/housing. I was looking at the Canon G7 as it seems to be a pretty advanced camera and canon makes a housing. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like to keep the budged at $2000 or less. thanks.
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